Writer's BFF Club

  Ever wondered the messy creative experience that goes into publishing a book?

Here's What You'll Get

I'll be pouring my output into my next book, Idea Wrangler and you’re invited to take a front seat in a private Writer’s Lounge where you’ll see my original drafts as they get written.

Introducing the Writer's BFF Club

You will be guided through the messy process of writing my next book.

The Writer's BFF Club Includes...

Exclusive Telegram Channel
Drafts of Idea Wrangler released as they're written
Raw unplanned downloads of the creative process
Support for your favorite author - Rebecca!

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If you aren't enjoying your front row seat, you can cancel at any time. Just contact us to cancel. 

Due to the private, exclusive and experimental nature of this offer, refunds will not be available.