So what do you want to do?

I know I'm supposed to offer these amazing possibilities that will magically 'fix' your problems but I didn't write that page... 

SPOILER ALERT: I'm not going to fix you, you are already great.

So what can I do for you?

I have over 10 years experience in running creative businesses in multiple industries, the tools to build a financial reality that works for anyone, the people skills to get you anywhere and a desire to fill my days with creative conversations that build a more conscious world.

You have an ability to create or destroy. What will you choose?

You read this far! Let's play.

Looking for something more personal?

You have so much untapped in you! Want to unleash it?

Quick Fix Session

Working 1:1 with Rebecca is not for the faint of heart. In this strategic session you will find a new perspective on your current projects, and come away with an actionable list of steps to up your creative game.

Price: $500 USD | Length: 45 minutes 

Strategy Creation

Wish you could hire Rebecca for your business? You can!

Business Consultations

Imagine what 10 years of international business experience, the empowering tools of Access Consciousness® and what you know should be possible can do. 

Price: $997 USD | Length: 3 x 45 minute sessions

Way too much fun

One of the smartest things I have done is invited Rebecca to play with my business as a consultant. She is FUN, AMAZING & BRILLIANT. We have some fun ideas to create & actualize.  Whatever you do, do not hire her to come play. You may have way too much fun & your business may grow way beyond what you can imagine.

Laleh Hancock

Uncanny Ability

Rebecca has an uncanny ability to unlock the wisdom residing in each of her clients, and does this with the skilful use of questions that creates greater awareness for the client and the organisation. She has the experience and the skills that one rarely finds even in the most experienced of executives and business owners.

Steven Bowman

Greater than Before

Rebecca Hulse has a unique flair and a keen business sense to pin point areas of weakness in your business plan and show you another path. Each time I make an appointment with her I know that my business with grow and change into something bigger and greater than before. Thank you, Rebecca

Curry Glassell

The Snowball Effect

What could you create in your business if you had me in your corner?

VIP Support

Looking to stay accountable while creating a creative business? Rebecca is well aware of the ebbs and flows of a creative business and can help you work with your own energy cycle before you kill your ideas. 

Price: $1497 USD per month


- 1 x 45 Minute Creative Session per month

- 1 x 45 Minute Strategy Session per month

- Ongoing in-between session accountability & support

Quick Free Classes

What are you looking for?

overcome anything

Problems are a set of difficulties predetermining how you get to choose, what you get to choose, and what you don’t.

deal with people

The HR Crash Course no-one has taken. Find out how to deal with anyone with ease (even if you secretly want to kill them)

creative business 101

We've all had a brilliant idea and squashed it flat. This is the workshop for creatives so you never kill an idea ever again.


6-Part Leadership Training

Did you know 77% of management don’t believe
they have the leadership training to lead their business into the future. 

Course style:
Short, succinct and makes you think


What's covered: See below

Finding the key difference you make to the community you serve
Financial Awareness
Leading in Systems, Marketing & More
Finding additional Revenue Streams & Possibilities
Being You as a leader

This program is sold on the Access Consciousness® Kajabi Platform.