Do you have a positive, can-do attitude? Are you open to learning new things and interested in marketing and upping your creativity?

Here’s the good news: We’re hiring.

We help creative entrepreneurs thrive by offering online programs and individual coaching.

If you joined our crew, we would train you on:

  • Publishing and editing posts on existing sites
  • How we use WordPress and Searchie websites
  • Basic Video Editing
  • Downloading and Identifying key metrics
  • Working with Google Sheets
  • How to use Canva for basic Graphic Design
  • Working with a CRM Software
  • Basics of Marketing on Facebook and Pinterest
  • How to write enticing captions for social media
  • Calendar Management
  • Timezone conversions to work with an international clientele
  • Zoom management
  • Project Management with Trello
  • Friendly Customer Service internally and externally

The best fit for our team will be:

– Fluent in English (MUST)
– Basic math skills (bonus if you have used XL before)
– A neat freak with a slight OCD tendency
– A dog with a bone who loves moving tasks over the finish line
– Able to be available in the NZDT Timezone for a few hours most days
– Available to attend our weekly team meeting
– Great at taking direction
– Eager to do tasks that stretch them and make them leave their comfort zone
– Passionate about hitting goals & driven
– Willing to do sales based activities on a daily basis
– Great at speaking up and asking questions when they aren’t clear on what to do
– Interested in a long-term position with commission opportunities
– A fast mover who can adjust plans quickly

The possibilities with our crew are incredibly high, with a great commission structure. We want you to send us your salary requirement.

Here’s what we need you to do:

Take this quiz:  answering as HONESTLY as possible.

Then send us a screenshot of your result along with the following:

– Your favorite personal development or creativity YouTube video (in English) and a paragraph telling us why you love it.
– What you are looking for in your dream job, and what it will do for your life to have it.
– Your resume or professional background.
– Why you are interested in joining our team from what you’ve read so far.
– What would make this a job you would want to stay with for years.
– Your Salary Requirement.

If you have any other questions attach those in your reply.

Click here to apply now.