The Wealth Legacy Membership

If creatives, adventurers, rebels and misfits didn’t have to panic every tax season, weren’t living paycheck-to-paycheck and actually had the space to create stress-free knowing that income was flowing? Imagine what the world would look like… 

If you join us as a Founding Legacy Builder...

and you're willing to help create the membership as a space where adventurers, creatives and rebels can wrangle their financial chaos and start building their own wealthy legacy, I’ll give you the best rate we’ll ever offer on this membership. 

Here’s the best part though…

As a founding member, your exclusive rate will be $89 upfront and $29 per month for as long as you remain a member. 

So even when we do roll this out to the public at a higher price, your price will always be secured at this rate. 

This is an explorative offer, we're in the creation phase, which you will have an integral part in. 

We officially start on Monday 12th June with a Live Financial 101 Masterclass (worth $300)

What do we know so far?

Every member will begin their adventure with the Financial 101 Masterclass. (Founding members will attend this live)
You will be able to self-assess where you're at, and point yourself in the next achievable action step.
Spreadsheets, templates and gorgeous print-outs will be included.
There will be an exclusive membership site & community group where all the members connect. You might realise none of us are doing it alone. 
Each month, there will be a live masterclass to support your regular financial know-how, and give you the next step.
There will also be Ask Rebecca Anything session, excuses to watch movies as education, and energetic practices to develop your wealth mindset.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

If you join, and find out within the first month this is not for you, just send us an email and we'll happily refund you. No questions asked (unless you want to provide us with helpful feedback)