The Land of Ideas.... Land Marks

You may have stepped into the land of ideas but do you really have any clue of where you are?
The common misconception is that you have to leave this world behind in order to explore this Magical one. 
What many never realise is:
The Land of Ideas is always with you.

It goes everywhere you go.
Kind of like a little portable world. 
So you never really need to leave,
Because you’re already here.

So how do you know where the hell you are??
Let’s explore some common landmarks you might find 
throughout your creative exploration… 

The Lake of Bright Shiny Objects

Be warned, the lake of bright shiny objects is seldom missed, but often overrated. These glittering waters will captivate you at any time of day at night, conveniently when you’re not sure where else to explore in the Land of Ideas often causing decision paralysis.  

The Creative Lull Day Spa

Not many want to come here but many do. This must-see spot is often touted as a “have-to” in the Land of Ideas, but what true aficionados realise is that the Creative Lulls is one of the corner-pieces of the Land of Ideas. Restorative in nature, you will leave feeling refreshed and ready to create. 

The Screw Around Stage

On this prolific stage you will see many ideas and creatives running around busily although sadly you will never see these great works. These very busy and industrious people are too consumed with editing and refining their ideas to ever share them with you. Nothing to see here… move along quickly now!

(Not pictured) Dark Pit of Despair

Before you enter the bridge to the Land of Ideas, we invite you to pay homage to the fictional but commemorative Black Bit of Despair where many a Creative Martyrs chose to live instead of entering the Land of Ideas. Spend a moment honouring their sacrifice, but then quickly move on before the bad vibes set in.

The Auroras of Undefined Energy

If you ever forgot that the Land of Ideas is pure magic, a quick hike to the mountains which overlook the aurora of Undefined Energy will enthrall you will their unimaginable beauty. These auroras never come out on time or when you expect, so expect the unexpected.

The Match Making Bar for Creatives and Ideas

At this idyllic spot, you’ll see many an odd but charming pair where ideas and creatives flit about chatting to everyone. The trick is to actively participate in conversation although you may see the odd creative with many ideas gathered around them embarking on a detrimental hoarding habit.  

The Analogue or Digital Work Stations of Creative Peaks

 Deep into the creative peaks of inspiration, you will often find yourself at either the digital or analogue workstations. Time stops still and your hands seem to have a rhythm of their own. Be warned, many creatives overspend their time here trying to push their creative peaks for periods of creativity-harming endurance. 

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Were you looking for the official bio?

Rebecca Hulse is an author, speaker and creative rebel at heart. 

She is a business coach on a mission to help creatives be successful without being exceedingly serious, guiding entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life and to apply the tools that actually fit their purposes. 

As someone who revels in shaking up the realities and limiting paradigms of her clients, Rebecca thrives in situations where the impossible transitions to possible. As a former performing artist, and today’s contemporary voice for millennials, Rebecca completed her first “bucket list” by age 20. 

She is the personification of her motto, “impossible is temporary,” which is evident in her latest book, Rebellious Rituals. In Rebellious Rituals, Rebecca guides readers to change their daily-life experiences with indulgent self-care, frank acknowledgments, and explosive creativity. 

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Ideas have your back

In one of my recent creations, I required to give everything a halt. I had this big beautiful plans, This perfect timeline, This glorious party planned.

But life came to a screeching halt. And my ability to be creative was temporarily dead.

The Hidden Work of Creating Space

Something that seemed obvious in my world but apparently is not. If you want to create something truly big, you need to have the space to do it.

Now most of us are cramming our plates full of busy. We have meetings, and appointments, and to do lists, and people we care for, and all these things.

Could I do that?

A few weeks ago I painted something I didn’t think I could. A more “serious art piece” I thought required someone with steady hands and perfect lines.

But what I forgot was the idea wanted me. Why not my messy imperfect lines?Why not my use of the weirdest possible brush? Why not paint something that you originally saw as drawn.

Talking Your Creativity Off a Ledge

Does your creative juices feel like they’re taking a suicide dive? Never ever going to come back? You’re not the only one I promise! This happens to everyone, and I certainly am not excluded. If the ideas are leaving the station we will need to wrangle them back in. Let’s slip out of the stress trap and back into creativity’s arms.

The Creative Process

Oooh I have an idea! Holy shit can I really do that? That can’t be right, surely it’s been done before. Nope it hasn’t.

Well fuck. Is it really that different? That good. [Runs it by countless friends and peers] They haven’t heard anything like it...  Do the thing – the idea whispers.