there shouldn’t be only 1/365 days that you get the attention you deserve... 

screw valentines day challenge

Join Rebecca Hulse for 5 days of Indulgent Rebellious Self-Care 
for the price of that gourmet caramel covered popcorn chocolatey 
goodness you were going to binge on...

Day 1 - Satiate

Find what touch your body and being craves and satisfy yourself.

Day 2 - Trust

Developing trust in yourself is not what you think.

Day 3 - Acknowledge

Learn how to get over the need of external validation.

Day 4 - Receive

Open up your channels of receiving.

Day 5 - Intimate

Discover the 5 Elements of Intimacy.

End of challenge celebration

Challenge Bonus:

Join Rebecca at 5pm EST on 13th February for an exclusive live session via zoom to debrief on the challenge and relax together to celebrate the week of extreme indulgence.

5 Day Challenge

What's included?

Private Facebook Group

Connect with like-minded Rebels exploring self-care together.

5 x Daily Live Rituals

Join Rebecca live for daily 30 minute rituals at 3pm EDT (your time here).

Rebecca's energy with you

Receive support and advice in the comments exclusive Facebook Group. 


This challenge is only open for a week.
Is it time to prioritize you?

Starting soon...

February 8-13

Nurturing Space

Rebecca is an incredible facilitator. She was just so supportive & loving. The space she created was so nurturing. Because of her space I was able to create a whole new possibility for myself.

Nicole Kim

Uncreate the Old

Rebecca totally uncreates your old reality and limitations! And she potently empower you to step into what you know you could truly create and live in.

Noriko Hara


The space you be Rebecca, total yummilicious. Loved the conversations and the places we explored. Totally recommend this to anyone & everyone. Thanks a bunch!

Aarshiya Seth

About Your Rebel Guide

Rebecca Hulse

Rebecca Hulse is a speaker, consultant and business coach, who revels in shaking up the realities and limiting paradigms of her clients. 

Having completed her first “bucket list” by age 20, Rebecca is the personification of her motto “Impossible is Temporary”. She has experienced firsthand the power of opportunity and strives to constantly push the boundaries of what she is capable of, both personally and professionally.  She is a go-getting, jet-setting millennial and regularly speaks to a global audience on business, consciousness and building revenue.

Her work has been featured on Elephant Journal, Inside Small Business, Medium, NZ Women's Weekly, Best Self Media just to name a few.


Have questions? That's not a bad thing.

How will this challenge work?

Each day Rebecca will do a Facebook Live Rebellious Ritual in the group. The challenge is designed as a 5-day intensive with doable action steps for each day. Once the challenge is over, the group will be archived but you will still retain access to the material.

What's a Rebellious Ritual?

A Rebellious Ritual is a unique energetic free-form process Rebecca will take you through during these Facebook Lives. You can try one for free here.

What times are the Rituals?

The challenge goes from 8-12 February at 3pm EST each day. Put aside 30 minutes each day at this time to join in the Rituals live. (Pssst you also might wanna keep the 13th at 3pm EST free for a bonus live cocktail hour)

I'm single AF, will this challenge help me?

This challenge is not about you and any other people in your life. This is about your relationship with yourself!

What if I already have a relationship? Will this challenge screw things up?

We're not trying to break anything or change your entire life! This challenge is designed to contribute to you - not anyone else in your life. (Although... if you are more joyful, more turned on, and need less from your partner, wouldn't they enjoy you even more??)

Is this challenge legit?

This course is about self-awareness. No exercises or action steps given in this challenge will create long-lasting happiness without applying a strategy, taking consistent action and using your own knowing. While I will share the tools both given to me by my mentors and my own journey, you have to follow your own path. No-one can truly predict the future of your life but you.

Join the 5-Day Challenge now

Join us 8-13 February. What will your relationship with you be like in a year?

© Copyright Rebecca Hulse 2021

screw valentines day challenge

 there shouldn’t be only 1/365 days that you get the attention you deserve... 

5 Day Challenge 8-13 February, 2021

Price: $13


screw valentines day challenge

 there shouldn’t be only 1/365 days that you get the attention you deserve... 

5 Day Challenge - $13 

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