with rebecca hulse

Warning: Fierce, Unignorable Creators ahead...

from your resident rebel

Hey creative one,

You know what you do is worth it.
You know it can contribute to people.
But why doesn’t it work?

Guess what? It’s not your fault.
The marketing tools getting hype today?
They aren’t built for creatives - at all.

They’re built for consistency, productivity and efficiency driven people who love routines, hustle and repetition. 

Which is frankly, no one I know, especially not you…

So how can you market and create your business in a way that works with the brilliant, creative and ever-changing creature you are?

Come on a Covert Operation with me 
and this will be your reality in 12 weeks time...

You not only know who you would love to work with, but your Legend is so rich with details that you know them intimately and most importantly - how to reach them.
You not only know how to work with the natural way you function, but how to create a marketing strategy that’s ridiculously easy asset to manage.
Those technology/legal/system headaches are a thing of the past because your Legal Surveillance is done in one key mission.
You no longer feel accidentally "Undercover" on your ‘off days’ when you feel restless, unfocussed or burnt out (which by the way will be far less often).
Your revenue streams are exciting, unique and ever-fresh even though you’re no longer starting from scratch each time. 
And you’re starting to get really confident in that your way works. 

Is this the energy you would like your business to be?

I am IN for this! 

The Rebel’s Guide to Business is about creating every part of your business as a "Fuck Yes" instead of needing to rebel against everyone else's "Fuck No's". 

I know you’re far too stubborn to be told what to do, so instead I’m going to be your guide in you choosing your own path. I’m inviting you to join me and an intimate group of fellow Rebels in a 12-Week Covert Operation in creating an energy-driven business together.

Each week, we will explore a Need-To-Know Secret, to go through one key step of what I call Rebel Marketing to craft a business that allows you to be creative and get paid for it. 

It will be 100% you. 
And work. 

Are you ready to be irrevocably, rebelliously you in your business?

If you have been wanting my energy in your business,
here’s your chance...

Rebecca Hulse

Creative Rebel at Heart, Business Coach for Creatives

The Rebel's Guide to Business

This is for you if you want to...

Never feeling fake in your marketing ever again

Marketing does not have to be a bad word. We'll show you how to make it a natural part of your process that feels like you're having a joyful conversation with a friend. 

Create your business based on how you function

Hello never seeing burn-out ever again! This is how we will create a business that makes you thrive instead of exhausted. 

Handle the ugly parts and get it over with

There's some things that are just simply not fun in business, let's actually get it done, so you don't have to do it ever again.

Gather the tribe that will fall in love with you

Again, and again, and again. When you create the right audience for what you have to offer, they not only will buy from you, but they will want to do it repeatedly. 

But what about... strategy, research + communication?

We cover everything right down to the finishing touches and how to make them irrevocably and enjoyably you. 

12 Week Covert Operation
Price: $975 pay in full
(or $355 x 3 monthly payments)

The Rebel's Guide to Business

What's included?

4 Rebel Modules

Every 3 weeks, a new module will be released into the Rebel Base, including a Need-To-Know Brief, Live Mission, and personalised Surveillance Report.  

Rebel Base

An exclusive online hub for all the content from the membership including Need-To-Know Briefs, Live Mission Replays, Weekly Mission Reports and Workbooks.

Live Missions with Rebecca

Every week, you'll have a live group mission with Rebecca to tackle the actions to take right there on the call.

Surveillance Reports

Every Monday, Rebecca will personally review the submitted Missions Reports live in the Rebel HQ (limited numbers)

We start April 11

The Rebel's Guide to Business Includes:
Short Need-To-Know Briefs
Weekly Live Group Missions
Personalised Surveillance Reports
Doable action steps.
Private Rebel HQ on Facebook
Exclusive membership hub, The Rebel Base
Downloadable Interactive Worksheets

Your Covert Operation for the next 12 Weeks

Each Monday, you'll receive your Need-To-Know Brief in prep for our Live Mission on Thursdays to explore new element of "Rebel Marketing'. No implementation, no need to catch up. Just one doable step we take action on together.

You'll have the ability to submit a Mission Report which will be reviewed personally by Rebecca. 

The result? 

Your business feels 100% you, your marketing is a natural extension of who you are, and your people not only find you but literally can’t wait to buy from you. 

Your Map for the Next 6 Months:

Each week, we have a live session to to share a new element of "Rebel Marketing'. No implementation, no need to catch up. Just one doable step we take action on together.

Every 5th week, we have space with an optional Q&A to recap for the month. Then we start afresh with the next module. 

The result? Your business feels 100% you, your marketing is a natural extension of who you are, and your people not only find you but literally can’t wait to buy from you. 

The Rebel's Guide to Business Includes:
Weekly Live Group Sessions
Access to the exclusive membership hub: Rebel Base
Downloadable Interactive Worksheets
Fellow Rebel HQ on Facebook
Bonus Masterclass: Which idea do you choose?
Bonus Masterclass: Creating a Future You Can't Kill

What do people say?

  This is the only program I've been on, about marketing or creating my business that has worked so much for me and it's still working. 

It was the kick in my butt I require.
It's almost like a date with your business every week,
because you're engaging with it. 

I couldn't see how to help, why people would be interested in my idea. Why would people be interested in what I have to give? It only came to me last week. Is my age, surprisingly enough? Because I'm 65. And I suddenly realized that most people who are my age or even much younger would love to be what I am at 65!  That was going to be my pull.  I was working on one of the Rebels Guide Sessions and suddenly it was there! 

Every time I was like, “Oh my god, it’s so easy.” We come together for 15 minutes, 15 minutes later… “Oh we are done.” That was all the work that was required. You just take a little bit by bit, and then suddenly, oh, it's there. It allowed me to really get started.

It gives you a lot of clarity and things forming, coming together. So, so often we struggle with having an idea and actually bring it into something that is more tangible.  I wanted to know how I could do business in a way that belongs to me. I gained trust in my own capacity to craft offers, which were sort of hazy for me before.

It's almost like the project to me, like it's coming alive. It's like coming together and creating its own energy and gathering the energy and building itself like this. It's why it is just magic. It's magic. 

And that's really what the Rebel Guide for Business has done for me so far. I love everything Rebecca has put together for us, such a treasure trove. She's so pragmatic at the same time, she is a magician. 

Patricia Berthelier

What I love about this whole thing is how you're encouraging us to find what that thing is going to be for us... - Ava Pandit

I loved it

 The Rebel’s Guide helped me future-proof my vision and business set up from the get-go. It also allowed me to work with my personal strengths and gain confidence in me and my business. Making something uniquely me and getting to know how to combine intuitive knowing and following the energy with a business strategy that doesn't feel too constrictive was joyful, ease filled and transformative at the same time.

Stefanie Witek

Exactly what I needed to get going.

 [The Rebel’s Guide] was exactly what I needed to get going. I was struggling to find my footing. Creative exercises in Rebel's Guide helped me get going on a path to clarity & creation. I was a newly certified CF, wondering where do I start. The Rebel's Guide got me clear with the energy of my business, it facilitated me to move forward with creations, It helped me really 'get' how my work is not for everyone.

Ava Pandit

Not afraid to kick my ass

"Right now, no-one is doing what you’re doing in business. You're fun, you know your stuff, entertaining, good at accountability. You're not afraid to kick my ass... at all."

Tara Taglienti

Never feel constrained

"You leave so much space for each one of us to find what works for us. I never feel constrained or forced to anything. I just do whatever I want or feel like doing at the time + it’s perfect for me."

Patricia Berthelier

So much to explore

"Aaaaaamaaaaazing! So many things to learn andunlearn, to play with and explore and bungy off the cliff with!!!"

Jenny Frithiof

About Your Rebel Guide

Rebecca Hulse

Rebecca Hulse is an author, speaker and creative rebel at heart. She is a business coach on a mission to help creatives be successful without being exceedingly serious, guiding entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life and to apply the tools that actually fit their purposes. 

As someone who revels in shaking up the realities and limiting paradigms of her clients, Rebecca thrives in situations where the impossible transitions to possible. As a former performing artist, and today’s contemporary voice for millennials, Rebecca completed her first “bucket list” by age 20. 

She is the personification of her motto, “impossible is temporary,” which is evident in her latest book, Rebellious Rituals. In Rebellious Rituals, Rebecca guides readers to change their daily-life experiences with indulgent self-care, frank acknowledgments, and explosive creativity.


Have questions? That's not a bad thing.

How will the Rebel's Guide work?

Once purchase is complete, you will be prompted to join the Rebel Base, put the Live Missions and links in your calendar and join our exclusive Facebook Group. When we start in April, each week we will go through the next phase in Rebel Marketing together, complete with interactive worksheets, private coaching, and Q&As.

So should I quit my job now?

Only you will know what's the right path for you and your future. However if making your own revenue is a target you have, the Rebel's Guide will show you exactly what will work for you to reach that target. I'd aim for being able to quit in the next 6-12 months but not next week! 

Is this a live class? What's the schedule?

Yes! This 12-Week Program is delivered live each week. Sounds exhausting? I promise it's not, here's the breakdown:

> Need-To-Know Briefs broadcasts on Mondays at 5pm AEST / 9am CET
> Join the Live Mission on Thursdays at 5pm AEST / 9am CET
> Submit your mission report by Sunday at the latest.
> Live Mission Report on Mondays at 3pm AEST / 7am CET
> Then we start the next module and repeat the schedule.

I'm not established in my business yet, will the Rebel's Guide help me?

This program wouldn't be everything you need to get started, but it will walk you through a lot of the core elements you would need to make it sustainable. 

 You would need:

1. A few rough ideas of what you want to offer.
2. The willingness to take action and get started now.
3. And a few preferences when it comes to who you like to hang out with.

This is not for you if you
 don't know what you want your business to be at all or simply want to enjoy the energy of it without actualizing it. You need to be willing to take action. 

If you... have a business, you have created offers, sure they're all over the place but you have got them out there - this will help you bring it all together into one cohesive energy that will make your revenue skyrocket!

Note: If your business is going well, but needs more leadership, legacy building, and lifestyle crafting - Let's talk!
My 1:1 options will suit you more.

I just have too many ideas.

If there’s one thing you should know, it’s that we embrace multiple ideas wholeheartedly here in the Rebel's Guide to Business and all my work.. You will never hear me say “Just pick one”. I know that’s like trying to pick a favourite child. It’s not a thing.

So instead, we will work to bring all your ideas into one cohesive umbrella if possible! And if not, how to work with that too. 

You never have to give up your ideas in the Rebel’s Guide to Business, but you will need to be prepared to take action.  

How much time do I need to schedule for this program?

Everyone works at a different pace, and we also know your unique creative process and energy levels will vary all throughout the program. We recommend you set aside the following per week:

  • 10 minutes - Watch the Need to Know Brief
  • 30 minutes to 1 hour - Join the Live Group Missions
  • 1 hour  - Catch the Surveillance Report if you sent a submission
  • Additional time will periodically be required for some of the more intensive missions (expect 1-3 hours once a month)

You will be able to achieve the majority if not all of the work set out for the week within the hour live with Rebecca.
And if you miss a week, all the replays will be available. 

I want to hit "Purchase" but this is bringing up some stuff for me

If this has brought up some energy, demons or even tears you’re not alone. This may be presented as a Business Program but we are going to get deep and do the work too. So much of what we do in creative businesses stems form us energetically and that needs to be acknowledged, addressed and supported. 

This is a space where that vulnerability, change and messiness is welcomed

We got this and I’ve got your back. Let’s explore what’s here together. 

Is the Rebel's Guide to Business legit?

This course is about self-awareness. No exercises or action steps given in this offer will create revenue without applying a strategy, taking consistent action and using your own knowing. While I will share the tools both given to me by my high-earning mentors and my own behind-the-scenes of my own business, you have to follow your own path. No-one can truly predict the future of your business but you. Please see the earnings disclaimer for more legal information. 

I'm not sure I can afford it. 

I get it, this is an investment. You will have to look at this for your own financial situation.
Here’s the questions I suggest you ask to get your own awareness about what this can create for you:

  • If I buy this, will it make me money?
  • What will my life be like in 5 years if you choose this?
  • What will my life be like in 5 years if I don’t choose this?
  • Can I pragmatically spend my money on this right now? 

I can't make it this time, will you run this again?

Yes, the Rebel's Guide to Business will be relaunching in late 2022.
Just a warning though; the price is likely to go up as the value of the program increases.

What are the undercover bonuses and when do they expire?

The Got Your Six - Undercover Bonuses for Fast Rebels is a collection of assets to give you an extra advantage in the Rebel's Guide. They are there to reward fast choosers and will expire after 48 hours of launch. 

They include:

  • 3 x Rebellious Rituals for Rest
  • Idea Wrangler - 5 Day Rodeo
  • Creating a Future You Can’t Kill Masterclass
  • Crafting an Immaculate Legend Masterclass
  • An Exclusive Virtual Soiree with Rebecca

Please note, there is also space for 6 Private Espionage Training clients. You will see the add-on at check out for this option if it's still available. Espionage Training retails at $2000 and is priced at $1500 for this offer.

Join the Rebel's Guide to Business now

Our mission starts April 11th. What will your future be like in a year?

© Copyright Rebecca Hulse 2022

Make a business you love so you
stop saying fuck you and start saying fuck yes. 

Undercover Bonuses for Fast Rebels expires in...

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How to live a Creative Life
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Wrangling a head full of scatterbrained ideas
doesn't mean your life and revenue needs to be affected.

5 Parts: 42 mins max. 
The entire series can be binged in less than a netflix episode.
No part is longer than 10 minutes.

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Got Your Six - Undercover Bonuses for Fast Rebels

Undercover Bonuses for Fast Rebels expires in...


Rebellious Rituals for Recovery

Rebellious Rituals for Rest
Worth $150

A Covert Operation is no joke. This program will ask you to dig deep into what you know and work with it. These rituals will allow you to regenerate your energy and unwind. 


Idea Wrangler Rodeo for Decision Paralysis

Idea Wrangler - 5 Day Rodeo
Worth $57

Bright Shiny Object Syndrome hits any creative, but does it hit you, or do you wrangle it in? Learn how to tame your ideas and bring them to life.


The Masterclass on Planning

Creating a Future You Can't Kill
Worth $97 

Having a vision is all well and good until you have to take action. Find out how to plan in a way that doesn't kill your darlings. 


Crafting an Immaculate Legend Masterclass

DIY Your Own Bio + About Page
Worth $157

Ever felt fake when trying to talk about yourself? In this Masterclass and DIY worksheets, you'll not only be able to talk about what you do, but be comfortable too.


A Virtual Soiree with Rebecca

 Ask her anything over a cocktail
Price Non Applicable

One thing that's precious is Rebecca's time. This is a not often opening to ask her anything in a less formal setting. She might even share her famous cocktail recipe...

Total Bonus Value: