The Rebel's Guide to Business

Say "Screw you!" to regular marketing, it's time to do you and have it work.

Rebel Guide Breakdown

Starts on 11th April 2022
Finishes 4th July 2022

Weekly Session Times:
5pm AEST / 9am CET

The Modules:
- Your People - 11th April 2022
- Your Offers - 2nd May 2022
- Your Breadcrumb Trail - 23rd May 2022
- Your Pathway - 13th June 2022

The Schedule:

Monday: Need-To-Know Brief Drops (under 10 mins)
Thursday: Live Group Missions (1 hour max)
Sunday: Deadline for Mission Report Submissions
Monday: Live Surveillance Reports (1 hour max)

Note: There is approximate 1 Mission every 3 weeks where extra time of 1.5 hours is needed. 

Rebel's Guide Includes...

Weekly Need-To-Know Briefs with Rebecca
Weekly Live Group Missions with Rebecca
Access to the Rebel Base
Interactive Worksheets
Fellow Rebel Community on Facebook
Ability to get personal feedback on your business
Ability to present and connect with all the rebels. 

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you realise in the first two weeks, this isn't what you require - let us know. We will happily refund you. You are always welcome to engage more to get the support you require too.

Pay Monthly: $355 USD per month

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Private Espionage Private Training - $1500 USD

Available for 6 special Rebels looking for an expedited experience. 

Receive 4 x 1:1 Training Sessions - 1 for each module. 

Worth $2000 (save $500)

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