Writing Workshop – What the F*** do you say?




What if writing no matter what it was for could create more for you now, and in the future. Wondering what the f*** to say doesn’t need to be the reality. Words spilling off the page can be the new you.

Welcome to a pragmatic and different writing workshop for:

  • Business owners
  • Email writers
  • Social media affectionados
  • Book writers
  • Note takers (wannabe book writers)
  • Dyslexics, ADHD, Autistics and other different communicators
  • People who generally think they suck at writing

Let’s find YOUR way.

What’s covered in this workshop?

Part 1 – Creating relevant content now, and in the future, Writer’s Block, Welcoming ideas, Getting over the Blank Page, Editing, Learning disorders, Rebecca’s Article Formula, Improving your vocabulary, and more.

Part 2 – How to get your ideas down on the page, Getting over Performance Anxiety, Beginning steps to getting your articles Published, DIY your own Bio and About Page, the Secret to Marketing for Creatives and more.