Marketing 5 Day Challenge




Sell yourself, not your soul

Learn how to bring people in ready to buy while still being you.

Day 1 – Showing You in your brand

Understand how imagery works and find out the faux pas most creatives are making.

Day 2 – Get rid of your “Business Voice”

Put yourself on the page and get rid of the writers block that comes when talking about you or your art.

Day 3 – Avoiding strategy is hurting your biz

Your aversion to strategy is harming your business possibilities
(hint: your income 😉

Day 4 – True vs Fake: Engagement that’s you

This popular keyword doesn’t have to be a mystery, learn how to engage with your clients in a way that you won’t even notice it.

Day 5 – Get out of your ‘pond’

Find out how to go beyond your comfort zone and create a worldwide audience.

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