Handle Anything | Group Coaching Sessions

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Are you ready to walk into the world knowing that you can handle anything?

What if you could adapt to any situation with ease and be that lucky one graciously slipping through a room (or video meeting in today’s age). Continuing on from the 5-Day People – How the Fuck do They Work? Challenge, Rebecca Hulse is opening up limited spots for an Exclusive Group Coaching for 3 Sessions.

Is this for you?

  1. Do you want to take the manipulation skills you have learnt further?
  2. Are you starting to have more allowance for people but want to know specifically how some people work?
  3. Do you have staff or ongoing relationships you’re ready to make dynamically better with no comfortable distance.
  4. You’re ready to get vulnerable and say fuck off to comfortable distance.
  5. Well welcome in! There’s limited availability in this group.

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The Details:

  • – 3 x 45 minute sessions over zoom
  • – Live calls, video and audio replays included
  • – Session times: 11, 12, 13 May at 6pm et (your time here)

But wait there’s more!


  • – The Ultimate Meeting Guide ($35 value)
  • – Please Don’t Kill Me Guide – What to do when everyone is frustrating you ($35 value)

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