In one of my recent creations,
I required to give everything a halt.

I had this big beautiful plans,
This perfect timeline,
This glorious party planned.

But life came to a screeching halt.
And my ability to be creative was temporarily dead.

So I put my life first and I talked to my sweet creation:
Will you wait for me? My life needs me. Are you ok with that?

And while I had always been a good partner in crime to my creation,
being patient, being dedicated, having it’s back.

I never had considered that would have mine so equally.
And whisper came back: We will be ready when you are.
Take your time.

I cried with relief.
To know that my life wouldn’t ruin my idea’s chance of success.

That time pressure was only invented.
That I could go where I was so desperately called.

I let go of my vision.
I grieved my perfect launch party.
I changed all the dates.

And I’m so glad I did.
I was needed where I was called.
I didn’t incur any costs from my delay.

And when I was ready to return,
My idea was there as glorious as before.
And we were able to announce to the world our joy
with even more beauty, strength and grace than before.

So if you get called.
Know your ideas that desire you will wait.
You do not need to sacrifice all.
But maybe your own sense of vision and timing should be softened.

Your ideas have your back more than you know.
You only have to ask them.

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