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Interview with Wealth Creation Expert Rebecca Hulse

Money is a funny thing; we all think it will make us happy – or happier at least. But so many of us simultaneously see money as the enemy. How many times do we hear people refer to money as ‘the root of all evil.’? Strong societal taboos around money can hurt a home-based business owner. Today’s podcast guest believes that changing your attitude about wealth can improve an entrepreneurs’ chances of gaining wealth, over the long run. A better financial attitude – keyed to generating more business profits – can strengthen your financial resilience.

Richard “Capt’n” Henderson and Sherilyn Colleen interview Rebecca Hulse (, a Wealth Creators Anonymous facilitator who travels the world helping others realize their financial dreams.

Subjects discussed in the Podcast include:

  • Rebecca Hulse’s journey to becoming a Wealth Creators Anonymous facilitator and author and speaker, at such a young age
  • Taboos around money that keep people and small business owners from being wealthy
  • Changing one’s mindset as an entrepreneur to stop buying into these taboos
  • Money management tips for small business owners
  • Income streams that small business owners might utilize for more wealth creation
  • Unconventional financial advice to generate more income