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A rebel, a sketchbook, and a self-care guide walk into a bar… They get hammered, and here’s the end result!  Rebellious Rituals isn’t a plan: it’s an exploration. This book is for rebels who want to take off on their own adventure, not be given marching orders. Rebecca guides you to change your daily-life experiences with indulgent self-care, frank acknowledgments, and explosive creativity.

Book Spotlight – Rebellious Rituals

Written by Rebecca Hulse

Rebellious Rituals
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We could all be better to ourselves. Admittedly, we could all do more – to set aside special time to reassess our physical, emotional and spiritual needs, to be good to ourselves, check in with our bodies, and to ultimately find moments of restore. But let’s face it, just talking about this is making us tired.

Most of us are spread thin. Between our careers, our families, our friends, a health routine, errands – and the daily bombarding messages we receive to do better, to be more – and that everything will change if we just try this new self-care routine.

Enter, Rebellious Rituals.

What if the changes you’re not succeeding at aren’t your fault? Perhaps those ones just aren’t designed for you?

Author and business coach Rebecca Hulse is a self-confessed rebel, who recently released the coffee table book, Rebellious Rituals to give us all a break from the routines, failed attempts at self-care, and to let us start where we’re at.

This book is for those who can’t stick to a routine. Within these pages, readers will find an opportunity to be met where they’re at. This book is about celebrating inconsistency – not consistency. Most of us do not have the time to put towards ourselves, so this book presents the option of just flicking to any given page and garnering a you moment – a moment to know you’re not wrong and it could just be the tools you’re trying to incorporate aren’t the ones for you!

“I can’t pinpoint the moment exactly, but when I made the choice to do/create/be everything I desired, which seemed too simple, or even selfish, I realized it was bigger than that for me – it was about desiring my life. With more freedom. With multiple choices With wide-open possibilities,” shares Rebecca Hulse.

Change doesn’t need to take forever. It can be as simple as having Rebecca’s voice within these pages give you a pep talk, or perhaps daring you to revel in the rebel.

To learn more or to order Rebellious Rituals, click on the cover or visit!

Some highlight that Rebecca talks about:

  • You are worth your own time, space, and attention. So be selfish. And start by taking a moment for you. It only grows greater from here.
  • Complacency is an internal signal that you’re craving far more than this.
  • The greatest rebellion you can choose is to choose what works for you.
  • It’s our judgment that we think that we should be doing better than we are that is actually getting in the way.
  • Let yourself get messy. Let yourself get stuck into it. That’s when the true joy and talent and the way you naturally create can come out.

To learn more or to order Rebellious Rituals, click on the cover or visit!