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Rebecca Hulse: Guangzhou, China

Rebecca Hulse, an author, speaker, and facilitator gives us a peek into her day:

7:05 am I have a look at my phone and check out what happened in my world while I slept – it’s amazing what gets created overnight!

7:20 am Get clean. While I shower, I use this time to create myself as I desire to be. One of the Access Consciousness® tools I use every morning is to destroy and uncreate everything I was yesterday. You do it just by saying that. I do this so that every day is a completely new day with no projections, expectations, or baggage from my past that comes with me.

7:40 am While I get dressed and do my makeup, I listen to replays of classes and podcasts to set up my day. Some of my favorites include Simone Milasas’s The Art and Industry of Business & Living and Right Riches Talks. I ask my body what it would like to wear instead of deciding what I want to look like. My body is the one wearing it, not me!

8:00 am It’s Business Time. I grab a coffee, put some cream and sugar in it and get to work. I ask myself “Who or what requires my attention today?” and start there. Sometimes it’s a meeting, or checking slack channels, or sometimes social media. By following the energy my day creates a flow and I go with what is required rather than being pulled in 1000 directions.

9:00 am My calendar tells me it’s time to leave for class! If you find you get carried away easily like me, put the time you need to leave in your calendar. 😉

9:15 am I like to meet the people I’ll be working with when I facilitate. Makes us both seem more like real people so that they can ask me anything during the class.

9:30 am Class starts! First question out of my mouth: “If you could get anything out of this, what would it be?” and again, reminding myself to follow the energy rather than where I think the class is supposed to go. And… if all else fails: Turn. The. Page.

11:00 am My head is spinning slightly so I know the whole room needs a break. Time to grab some sugar and salt depending on what my body wants and let everyone relax and get out of their chair. Brain Fry!!!

11:15 am Gather up the attention of the class again. Let’s do this!

12:30 pm Time for lunch. I ask my body what it would like. Sometimes it’s getting my Bars run, or going somewhere absolutely delicious. Lunchtime is a break where I can be creative and offer my body the homeopathic contribution it desires. It’s not just for eating! Today, we are going to a beautiful, quiet, fine-dining restaurant and of course, we are multi-tasking. In our company, we have some of the most brilliant meetings and ideas in a “Computer Party” over lunch.

2:30 pm The energy is now tugging towards class again, everyone’s body has had some space to relax and is ready for more change!

4:00 pm Everyone is fried again, but not done and no-one is ready to go home. We try for another break and I am ready for a glass of wine. Good thing it’s my class and I can drink what I would like to!

5:30 pm Photo time, it always seems weird to me that after a day of humongous change, people love photos. I personally feel like my face has slid down and is hanging somewhere off my chin. I smile and hope that my face looks half normal.

6:00 pm Back at the hotel. I need some space for me, so make a cup of tea and dive into whatever book I’m reading with some salty snacks, today it’s Freedom at Midnight.

7:00 pm I can feel people pulling on me and I check into my computer again. If I feel overwhelmed I ask “Ok, what’s one action or thing I can create?” and do that, and then repeat!

8:00 pm I’ve been using that tool for an hour and really swung into momentum! Where did that time go?

8:15 pm I am hungry now… I find somewhere good close to the hotel or in it to grab something delicious.

9:30 pm Another amazing food adventure in another new city enjoyed! Now to choose if I want to create more, or relax? Creation won this round tonight.

9:45 pm Europe is awake, I have a quick Skype call with some of the team involved with future events there.

10:00 pm The Blue Light filter came on my computer and Do Not Disturb automatically flicked over giving me the space to choose if I want to work more or not. I’m fried so I go to bed.

10:15 pm First, I always take off my make up and take a minute to thank my body.

10:25 pm I set a few Access Consciousness clearings on my computer at low volume to play during the night while I sleep.

10:30 pm And I pick my book up again until I’m ready to fall asleep. Good night!