This article was originally published on The Modern Love here.

Money isn’t something we normally feel like we get to call the shots on, yet it’s one of the areas where, if you don’t start to negotiate what works for you, your business will fall short of the potential it can reach.

It all begins with your point of view… If you ask yourself: “Do I trust myself with money?” what is your response? If the answer is not yes, then part of the strategy that you can incorporate for yourself can be to look at the points of view you have about yourself and money and start changing them.

These points of view are what are creating your financial reality. Once you start to realize where you are currently functioning from in terms of money, you can change what’s not working for you.  If you don’t know what has been defining your current experience with money, start asking yourself what your point of view is.

The following mindsets are key to creating a greater financial reality. You are allowed to change your mindset at any moment, especially when you find a greater one. We often feel like we need to stick to our guns with what we have had before but this is actually what limits us. The ability to change at any moment is actually one of your greatest strengths.

It’s okay to like money

Have you considered your points of view around money? You like it? Hate it? Get stressed about it? What if it was ok to like money, just for you and just for fun – you don’t even need to tell anyone. Let yourself enjoy having money just for the fun of it.

Know how much money you’re asking for

It’s very common to not know how much money you need to run your life and business, not as a budget but as a target. Have you looked at what it costs to live the life you would truly like to have, not the one you think you can afford? Start adding up the costs and then add 20%. This is the target number of money you need to be asking for.

Train yourself to receive

Were you ever taught how to receive? Most of us weren’t, it’s not ingrained in us from birth to let contribution in, only to give and then take. When you start training yourself to let people (and the world!) contribute to you, you can have different possibilities show up because you know you’re not the only one in your corner.

Trust yourself with money

We spend so much time second-guessing ourselves with our choices, but this is what creates the lack of trust in ourselves. What if you chose to not judge you? The choices you have made, were the best available ones for you at the time. What if you didn’t dwell on your past experiences and instead looked at what you could choose today that would create a greater future?


Non-negotiable does not need to mean unchangeable. Your mindset works with you to empower you to choose more. If you make your mindset unchangeable then you will never be able to see what is and isn’t working for you. Instead being willing to examine your points of view and see what they are creating in your life will give you the ability to change them at will. When you change with ease, you can always be at the forefront of what is possible in business.