A Legacy of Wealth - 6 Month Mastermind

What do you want to have live on beyond your lifetime?
What do you want to complete before you die?

Do you want to create a future but you're unsure what that really means?

There's an entire world out there, speaking a language you don't understand: wealth building, asset management, legal indemnity, tax efficacy, future protection... the list goes on. 

You've probably wondered: 
- What happens when someone in my family dies?
- When I'm no longer in the picture... Will that future be ready? Or a mess?

You know you need to put your big-lady pants on and take yourself off to the lawyer’s office,
but you’re still not sure what you should say. 

Sure, you can pay for advice at $500 an hour that only gets one part of the picture. Or you can do a leadership training that doesn’t give you the asset protection you need. Or you can pay $1000s of dollars to set up a structure that makes your accountant feel safe but you feel stressed.

I’m the 9th generation of a matriarchal legacy, and each generation has not only continued the legacy, but created it afresh. Let’s explore what I know together to create a legacy that suits your now, and your future. 

If you’re ready to find out exactly what it is you want to leave behind, and what you need to do before you leave this planet, and how to enjoy the space, security, and freedom being a leader provides - come and join the very first Building a Legacy of Wealth Mastermind. 

Please note: This does not constitute as legal, financial or investment advice although I will bring in relevant experts as we need. 

I've got your back, let's do this together,

What's the Mastermind entail?

Fortnightly Calls

the main avent

We’re busy, but it's time to create the future. These live calls will be personalised to where you’re at.  You'll be able ask the questions you’ve felt too unsure to ask. 

Private Group Chat

the in-between connection

Gain insight into the minds of your fellow future leaders like you, you’re not the only one on this path. We all create greater together. 

Legacy Building Intensive

the cherry on top

Find out exactly what your legacy & priority is in a private intensive with Rebecca and use this priority to guide your choices over and over again. 

Believe it or not, this can be fun and easy.

Imagine knowing how powerful you truly are
and the next time someone wants to fuck with you,
you simply said: Try me.

Let's see if the mastermind is a fit for you.

You are allowed to have an insatiable demand for more. 
If you join the Mastermind, what happens next?

Sign up

Step 1

Pricing options include a monthly or pay-in-full options

Sign the NDA

Step 2

  This will create the privacy needed for us all to share candidly with confidence.

Fill in the onboarding form

Step 3

So we know exactly where you're at and how we can help you build your legacy.

Then we get to work...

Calls will be scheduled at a time that suits all, if not majority of members.

Topics covered will include Legacy Builders, Time, Tasks and Delegation, Working with People, System Organisation, Death, Relationships, Wealth management, Entity organisation, Legal, Privacy and Leadership.


When do we start?

Timing is flexible. Booking a consultation will see if the mastermind is the right fit for you including timing, investment and targets. Book a free consultation here.

What does a Legacy Intensive session entail?

Together we'll discover what the assets and liabilities of your life are, and how you would like to contribute to the world both now, and in your future. We can go for as many generations as you are willing to imagine. And no, you don't need to have children, or plan to have children to create a legacy. 

What kind of resources will I receive?

This will vary based on where the legacy builders are at. I imagine they will range from contract templates, spreadsheets, investment education, recommendations of people to work with etc.

Why you?

Who else do you know is talking about this? Not even me. Most people with this type of knowledge only talk to their "class of people". I believe that anyone can create a legacy if they're willing to start. I personally even believe that without the solidified beliefs of a heritage, you may be able to create a legacy even faster and quicker than me. 

Legacy of Wealth Mastermind - Pay in Full $3000

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Legacy of Wealth Mastermind - Pay Monthly - $700

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Uncanny Ability

Rebecca has an uncanny ability to unlock the wisdom residing in each of her clients, and does this with the skilful use of questions that creates greater awareness for the client and the organisation. She has the experience and the skills that one rarely finds even in the most experienced of executives and business owners.

Steven Bowman

Conscious Governance