Joy of Business

What if running a successful business didn't have to be serous?
(and do you like being serious anyway?)

What is Joy of Business?

Which version would you like?

Technical: Joy of Business is a Specialty Class of Access Consciousness. It offers energy-transformation tools to change your perspective and get over limitations the easy way through live and online classes with trained facilitators.

Reality: The most dynamic business creation tools on the planet! Delivered in an open question forum where you can look at the tools as a concept or get personal facilitation about your business. Honestly, there's no way you or your business is coming out the end of these workshops the same.

"The purpose of business is to create possibilities" - Gary Douglas

work smart not hard
how to work remotely

There are so many different tips and “how-to’s” from experienced freelancers on how you should work from home right now. I promise even though I am in that ‘expert...

how millennials can change the business landscape for good

As seen on Small Biz Daily here. Having differences in any situation can be very polarizing; you either like it or don’t like it depending on your attitude to change...

to the girl working too hard
- an homage

I see your stress, struggle and pain. I see your doubts that secretly no-one cares about your business or what you are creating in the world. That you worry that...

You are allowed to have an insatiable demand for more. 

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