Do you have a positive, can-do attitude? Are you open to learning new things and interested in marketing and upping your creativity?

Here’s the good news: We’re hiring a new Media Outreach Intern Crew

We help creative entrepreneurs thrive by offering online programs and individual coaching.

If you joined our crew, we would train you on:

  • Sourcing (basically ethical stalking) the best outlets.
  • Creating a relevant angle on any topic.
  • How to put together an enticing Media Kit.
  • Pitching and Follow Up Techniques
  • Calendar Management and Timezone conversions to work with an international clientele
  • Friendly Customer Service internally and externally

The best fit for our team will be:

  • Fluent in English both written and spoken (MUST)
  • An Avid Writer and OTT Email Checker
  • A neat freak with a slight OCD tendency
  • Fearless Go-Getter who takes rejection in your stride
  • A dog with a bone who loves the follow up.
  • Able to be available in the NZDT Timezone for a few hours most days
  • Willing to do pitch based activities on a daily basis
  • Timezone Ninja – Ability to read a calendar in another timezone and select the best spots for meetings.
  • Great at taking direction and taking immediate action.
  • Eager to do tasks that stretch them and make them leave their comfort zone.
  • Great at speaking up and asking questions when they aren’t clear on what to do
  • Interested in a long-term position with commission opportunities.
  • Has a love of humanity and friendly-outlook.

The possibilities with our crew are incredibly high, with a great commission structure. We want you to send us your salary requirement.

Here’s what we need you to do:

Take this quiz:  answering as HONESTLY as possible.

Then send us a screenshot of your result along with the following:

  • Share below your favorite personal development or creativity media outlet and a paragraph telling us what you get out of the content on the platform.
  • What you are looking for in your dream job, and what it will do for your life to have it.
  • Your resume or professional background.
  • Why you are interested in joining our team from what you’ve read so far.
  • What would make this a job you would want to stay with for years.
  • Your Salary Requirement.

If you have any other questions attach those in your reply.

Click here to apply now.

What happens next?

Successful Applicants will be asked to complete a short practical test before entry to the Internship Program. The Internship will be for 3 months, with an expectation of 10 hours per week. The exact days and hours are flexible and negotiable. As part of this internship, extra hours are encouraged but not remunerated.

And after that?

At end of 3 months, there will be the possibility of joining the crew. If you are unable to complete the internship for any period of time, this contract will be adjusted accordingly.