Idea Wrangler Training Program

Pay Monthly: $297 USD x 6 monthly payments

 Learn to wrangle your own ideas,
support fellow creatives in their Creative Process
and thrive in the Land of Ideas™.

Welcome to the adventure...

Creation is normally a solo path. You make your own shit, and hope someone loves it enough to buy it. But what if you not only had a whole crew alongside you, but had a home in the Land of Ideas™?

Ever since I created the Land of Ideas™, I knew it wasn’t just for me. This idea came to me, for us all. If you have been walking around this world wondering why there’s always so much other shit to do, and so little creating, come over to the Land of Ideas, where “real life” is just a small part of what we handle, and the creativity we get to explore is boundless.

If you’re ready to learn how to wrangle not only your own ideas, but how to support others in their own Creative Process, explore becoming one of the first Idea Wranglers with us."

The Idea Wrangler Training Program Includes...

A 6 month training program.
The possibility of becoming a licensed Idea Wrangler.
A 6 month Kickass Creative Membership.
All the training you require to become an expert explorer in the Land of Ideas™ and facilitate incredible change in the lives of all Creatives you meet.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

If you complete 100% of the work in the first week and aren't happy with the results. We'll refund you, no questions asked. Simply send in your completed work.