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Enjoy a new class developed for your home to expand the energy of wealth in your surroundings. Wealth comes from multiple streams of possibility not limited to financial success.

The final figure on your financial position statement is only one piece of the puzzle to a truly fulfilling life. We tend to get tunnel vision and only focus on the numbers you can attain instead of having a spherical view of your life and the assets in it. 

What if wealth is anything that brings a smile to your face?  This perspective made me look at where I was focusing too much on the figure in my account instead of the quality of living I was experiencing. We truly don’t realize the gifts we have in our life until we take the time to acknowledge them, but once we do they have even greater value in our life.

the wealth of your life

an exploration of building and
surrounding yourself with wealth. 

Rebecca facilitates engaging conversations, asks questions and inspires new perspectives on wealth building you may have never considered before. You will be invited to explore the full extent of your financial potential. Whether you are starting with nothing or millions, there is also more possible.

Surround yourself

Build an energy of wealth that infuses your entire life and home.

Discover blocks

Your limiting beliefs and blocks that stop your wealthy mindset from 

Enjoy finances

Create a new sense of joy when discussing the mundane reality of business and financial awareness.

Create presence

Create a new level of energetic presence with your current surroundings.

Avoid nothing

Access any avoidance limiting your potential and change it with ease.

Grow consciousness

Every Access Consciousness® class grows the wealth of consciousness in your life and on the planet.

A Weekend of Wealth

26-28th December, 2020

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6:00pm - 10:00pm NZST
9:00pm - 1:00am PST -1 Day
3:00pm - 7:00pm AEST
6:00am - 10:00am CET
10:30am - 2:30pm IST
1:00pm - 6:00pm CST

Way too much fun.

One of the smartest things I have done is invited Rebecca to play with my business as a consultant. She is FUN, AMAZING & BRILLIANT. We have some fun ideas to create & actualize.  Whatever you do, do not hire her to come play. You may have way too much fun & your business may grow way beyond what you can imagine.

Laleh Hancock

Global Wellness For All

Uncanny ability.

Rebecca has an uncanny ability to unlock the wisdom residing in each of her clients, and does this with the skilful use of questions that creates greater awareness for the client and the organisation. She has the experience and the skills that one rarely finds even in the most experienced of executives and business owners.

Steven Bowman

Life Mastery

Greater than before.

Rebecca Hulse has a unique flair and a keen business sense to pin point areas of weakness in your business plan and show you another path. Each time I make an appointment with her I know that my business with grow and change into something bigger and greater than before. Thank you, Rebecca.

Curry Glassell

Right Riches for You

The Class

What will occur in this open-format class?

Saturday, December 26

6:00pm: Class begins
Introduction to the advanced Access Consciousness® tools
Exploration of current mindset and financial position
Financial Clarity Exercise
10:00pm: Class ends for the day

Sunday December 27

6:00pm: Class begins
Review of any homeplay given
Discussion about conscious wealth
Energy Building exercise
10:00pm: Class ends for the day

Monday, December 28

6:00pm: Class begins
Review of any questions not yet covered
Create your own financial reality exercise
Avoidance exercise
10:00pm: Class ends with a celebration

About Rebecca Hulse

Rebecca Hulse is a speaker, consultant and business coach, who revels in shaking up the realities and limiting paradigms of her clients. She is a trained Access Consciousness® Facilitator with additional training in specialties like the WCA Program. 

Having completed her first “bucket list” by age 20, Rebecca is the personification of her motto “Impossible is Temporary”. She has experienced firsthand the power of opportunity and strives to constantly push the boundaries of what she is capable of, both personally and professionally.  She is a go-getting, jet-setting millennial and regularly speaks to a global audience on business, consciousness and building revenue.

Rebecca has been featured on Elephant Journal, Inside Small Business, Medium, NZ Women's Weekly, Best Self Media..

Frequently asked Questions About the Class

We <3 your questions

How will this class work?

Each day over zoom, Rebecca will lead a discussion and facilitation using the Access Consciousness® tools in this free-form style class. Topics will include financial management, wealth building, revenue streams, limiting beliefs, strategic awareness and taking action.

Is this an Access Consciousness® class?

Yes it is. A Weekend of Wealth is an approved specialty class of Access Consciousness® in the wealth sector. Rebecca has been certified in a specific training with Gary Douglas and Dain Heer to facilitate this class in 2017.

What will I learn?

This will depend on the questions you ask. This class is open formatted. Here are some of the possible areas of conversation:

Wealth building
Financial awareness
Overcoming your limitations
The energetics of wealth
Strategic Future Planning
Revenue streams

Will this class make me rich?

While this class will present many different ideas and conversations to inspire you to create your own wealth, this class will not make your money for you! Only consistent action and some patience will do that. 

You will also gain: Clarity on how to analyze your financial situation, new ideas for positioning your current assets more effectively, business development strategies, and how to tell when things aren't working.

You will not: Learn flashy or fast strategies that destroy your finances. Spoiler alert: You are going to need to do the work. But I will be there to hold your hand!

"When you step off the beaten track, you are beyond the normal reality most people live by. The rules of this reality do not apply to you, not even financially.”

Rebecca Hulse

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26-28 December, 2020

The only Weekend of Wealth class this year.

Weekend of Wealth

Open-format Class

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