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Warning: This isn't the inspirational speech you should get.


This sales page is far from perfect. It's been rewritten a million times and honestly, it's just never quite right.

But this is part of the work of being a Kickass Creative, having plenty of dreams and finding out that when you actually make the thing - it doesn't turn out the way you expect.

But this is the gig of someone who makes their ideas their revenue stream - not every day is bouncing off the walls creatively: Done is better than perfect. 

In fact a lot of successful creatives are making a mess, wrangling with choices, talking to people, doing admin and regenerating their energy after a big creative spike.

But here's what we're really committed to here. Showing up and creating the thing, coz we know that you’ve gotta get messy to get started, and you can always clean up later. 

This membership is a calling card to that messy, scatterbrained genius with far too many ideas in one lifetime and no idea how to actually turn that into a successful business.

I mean, how can all that really fit into one thing?

Let me show you how. 

Doing the work of bringing your ideas to life
doesn’t have to be daunting...

What if you could know exactly where to start, and then actually do it?

Join the Kickass Creative Membership

Get it together! Business Strategy

  Just because you're not consistent doesn't mean your revenue and systems can't be. 

Natural forms of Expression

 Know how to be there for your audience and welcome people into your world so well they won’t want to leave. 

Energy-Based Marketing

Never doubt what to say, who you’re speaking to or why you’re speaking in the first place. 

Elegant and Simple

 Stop overspending & overcomplicating your business. Start creating the unignorable effect you naturally have.

Let's break it down

Weekly Creative Process

Each week, during our live Creative Processes get exactly what you need to nurture your creativity, confront (and overcome) your procrastination demons so you gain momentum in your projects and avoid Creative Lulls. Did we mention those strategies won’t ever feel constricting and limiting? They will feel like a nice roomy home for your ideas, instead of cramming them into someone else’s apartment.

Approx Time: 15-30 minutes a week

Live Interactive Workshops

Monthly workshops (On the 15th of every month) to bring your real business issues to the table and get feedback, edits and tailored business advice to your unique creative capacities. Previous workshops include: Work Smart: Not Hard, Content Extrapolation, The Snowball Effect, Moving with Chaos, Get-It-Done, Working With... People, Forging Your Own Path and so many more!

Approx time: 45 mins - 1 hour a month

Members only facebook group

Share your raw messy ideas with a nurturing, creative community. Get feedback, gentle tweaks, a place to be vulnerable and hone your idea into something easy and sexy to sell. Plus we encourage stealing like an artist so the group growth only exponentializes. ;)

Approx time: Your choice!



1:1 Private Consultation

Worth $215 - Limited availability

20-minute Kickstart Consultation with Rebecca to identify exactly how to bring your ideas to life. 


Worth $447

Access to every Creative Process in the membership ranging on topics from Energy Building, Business Strategy, Action Instigators and more.

Personalised Ass-Kicking

Worth $397

(We mean bribery!) Ever knew you needed a kick up the ass or a gentle caress but were too afraid to ask for it (and get it?) Well every week, Rebecca will have her eyes, expertise and energy in your corner to have your back, give a frank pep-talk or encouragement you need. 

What's it really like?

"I love the way Rebecca makes it so easy for us to connect and have clarity with our businesses and ideas. She’s brilliant with putting energy into words. "

"The monthly sessions are personalized and yet very comprehensive. I feel like Rebecca is speaking to me personally."

"I love that she doesn’t make our creative process a wrongness. She keeps on empowering us to be as weird and different as we are."

"The content & templates are easy and not complicated."

"I really like the blunt reality of creativity and creation, such as having dull moments, making the worst stuff ever and getting over yourself, etc. Rebecca has a way of presenting the pragmatics and steps that work beyond this reality."

"It is so pragmatic! It’s a behind the scenes look at creation that is totally uncensored."

Or try it yourself

Check out this recently leaked Creative Process:
Where do you think you should be? 

How is this different from other creativity and productivity courses?

I no longer get disheartened when I’m in a creative lull. I know that it’s just part of the process and that another peak is coming.

- Sally Hulse

I know that without Kickass Creative I would never have made it that far nor that fast with so much fun and ease and wouldn't have these bubbling promises and possibilities all around. I am now aware of the difference I am in creating and in business, and how I trust myself utterly on these counts (and many others BTW) to go with what works best for me and my biz.

- Patricia B

The Kickass Creative has allowed me to get out of my way while creating. You're giving me the strength to just continue with my choices, I sense you have my back in a way I cannot explain….

- Elena D

Since joining the Kickass Creative, everything just drops in. I listen to what you say and it just happens. Every time I watch a live, something turns up. Now I’m just trying to get used to that kind of busyness.

- Robert W

Right now, no-one is doing what you’re doing in business. You're fun, you know your stuff, entertaining, good at accountability. You're not afraid to kick my ass... at all.

- Tara T

The thing I loved the most is the 1:1 session we got. I was so blown away by that. I was so grateful for jumping into the possibility and not making it a “Oh I’m struggling with this.” And not making it about that problem. Real revelation of when you’re looking at possibilities, what’s possible? Not all these problems or places where you’re not ready. It was nothing of how I thought the session would go. It was really a blast off. 

- Stefanie W

Kicking my own butt and getting started. Kept me going.  Rebecca lightens the heaviness with business and make it so much more fun with the tools and processes you apply. 

- Robert W

You leave so much space for each one us to find what works for us. I never feel constrained or forced to anything. I just do whatever I want or feel like doing at the time and it’s perfect for me.

 - Patricia B

This membership doesn't only teach you the business + creativity strategies it takes to flourish...

It shows you exactly how to reach your revenue targets by creating a client-base that can't wait to see what you'll create next. (Did we mention burnout's not gonna be a thing either?)

What happens when you join?

Receive your login information

Get Access to the Membership Hub and start the optional warm up content.

Meet the Puppy-Pile on zoom

Right when the membership closes we will have a zoom party to celebrate.

Kickstart Guide on November 29

Immerse yourself in the Kickass Creative tools in 5 x Short Exercises

Creative Process on December 5

Jump in with the Original Kickstarters for our first Creative Process together.

About Your Creative Guide

Rebecca Hulse

Rebecca Hulse is an author, speaker and creative rebel at heart. She is a business coach on a mission to help creatives be successful without being exceedingly serious, guiding entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life and to apply the tools that actually fit their purposes. 

As someone who revels in shaking up the realities and limiting paradigms of her clients, Rebecca thrives in situations where the impossible transitions to possible. As a former performing artist, and today’s contemporary voice for millennials, Rebecca completed her first “bucket list” by age 20. 

She is the personification of her motto, “impossible is temporary,” which is evident in her latest book, Rebellious Rituals. In Rebellious Rituals, Rebecca guides readers to change their daily-life experiences with indulgent self-care, frank acknowledgments, and explosive creativity.


Have questions? That's not a bad thing.

I don’t know if I’m going to have the money every month.

  Yes, this membership is cancellable at anytime. I’m also willing to guarantee that if you take the actions give in the Kickass Creative, you will make not only the money to afford the monthly fee but enough to fund the business of your dreams.

What times are the trainings?

The trainings are scheduled to suit Rebecca and the majority of members timezones. Currently the schedule alternates between 5pm EDT/10am NZDT for the Americas and Australasia crew and 7pm NZDT/ 8am CET for the Asia Pacific/European Crew. This is subject to change based on the new intake. 

I don’t know which business to pick? I have too many ideas.

In the Kickass Creative, we are not going to ask you to narrow down your options or use harsh focus methods. All your ideas are welcome and valid, it’s just about finding the right timing for each (which I will show you how to do!)

Creativity is just my hobby.

There’s a phrase that you should have one hobby for your exercise, one to do with friends and one to make you money. Creativity is pouring out of your every particle, in my opinion? It’s a crying shame if you won’t let these beautiful ideas make you money. It can be fun, and I will show you how not to let business suck the joy out of your hobby.

Will you guarantee that I make money from this?

I am 100% confident that if you take the steps given in this membership, bring your idea to life and offer it to your people - you will make a successful revenue stream. However, this is a membership program - it's on you to get stuck in and do the work. I can only help you help yourself! (I've got your back though!)

I’m not consistent enough.

This membership is made for the inconsistent at heart (like me!) You will have many different invitations both with bribery and a touch of ass-kicking to help support you along your Creative Process.

I’m not doing this full time, will it still help me?

I am a firm believer that when you start creative business you shouldn’t put full pressure on your ideas. Most people (including me) started their successful creative business while working full-time. 

I need to focus.

Has focusing ever worked for long periods of time? If they have, great! This membership probably isn’t for you. But if those techniques have left you feeling unmanageable, unruly or downright depressed with your inability, come and try some of the lighter, freer and more gentle productivity tools we have available.

I should probably just hire an accountability coach.

Try it! See if you like it? Some of the members of the Kickass Creative have spent upwards of $400 a month on accountability and swear the Kickass Creative membership works better.  

Is this Membership legit?

This membership program is about self-awareness. No exercises or action steps given in this membership will create revenue without applying a strategy, taking consistent action and using your own knowing. While I will share the tools both given to me by my high-earning mentors and my own behind-the-scenes of my own business, you have to follow your own path. No-one can truly predict the future of your business but you. Please see the earnings disclaimer for more legal information. 

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