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Warning: This is not another Bright Shiny Object

from your resident idea whisperer

Hello creative one, how's your head? 

Is it full to the brim with ideas just begging for you to start?

I get it, having scatterbrained, creative genius for a brain isn't easy. Choosing ideas, wrangling with administration stuff, and just plain not-getting-distracted is a multi-faceted battle we are all living with.

I've spent my life struggling with these issues, you are not alone. Believe it or not, these very issues you're facing? They could be the spark of creating a totally different world to live in - a creative one. 

It's my view that the people who don't fit in like you and me, are the ones the world needs to succeed. Not at a job, or at complying, or being able to fill out paperwork correctly, but at thriving in creative living and making money with those weird-ass gifts. 

Enter, the Creative Business Kickstarter. 

My favorite programs over the last year to help creatives... 

  • wrangle finances,
  • get out of writers block,
  • share themselves confidently with the world,
  • and stop overcomplicating everything. 

Sound too good to be true?

Well welcome to my world, where the impossible is temporary...

Rebecca Hulse

Idea Whisperer, Business Coach for Creatives

Creative Business Kickstarter

Give your business some TLC

Financial 101 Masterclass

Conquer your fear of spreadsheets so you can actually get your financial s*** together. Find your hidden revenue streams and see where you are in relation to your targets.

Includes: 2-Hour Video Masterclass, Google Spreadsheet, One Fearless Guide. 

Worth $399

Writing Workshop - What the hell do I say??

Get candid writing advice so don't sound like a copy-cat, learn how to use your own unique voice for business marketing, my best tips for minimising editing and get over writers block easily. 

Includes: 2-Part Video Workshops

Worth $199

DIY Your About Page

Did you know the second most viewed page on your website is your about page? You will be guided through the messy process of uncovering what makes you shine and presenting it in a nice little package.

Includes: Video Guide and Worksheet

Worth $49

DIY Your Bio and Byline

Having a professional presence in the world that shows who you truly are is hard to find. Especially if you don't have the resources to hire it out. Introducing the DIY Bio and Byline Worksheet so you can feel confident in selling yourself.

Includes: Video Guide and Worksheet

Worth $49 

Work From Home Checklist

Would you like working from home to be more productive and also fun? Create more productivity in your work life without sacrificing fun or ever repeating the same day - ever.

Includes: Video Guide and Printable Checklist

Worth: $27

Kickstarter Bonus Masterclasses

Stop overcompensating and get to work

Bonus 1

Find you're too busy chasing bright and shiny techniques that you forget to create? Use this workshop when you need a candid (kick-in-the-ass) conversation to get you back on track.

Includes: Video and Audio Masterclass Downloads

Worth: $149


Bonus 2

Know you need to be more visible but always feel like you're battling imposter syndrome before you hit publish? Rebecca guides you in this conversation to stop self-judgement, find the courage to hit publish and share your unique voice. 

Includes: Video and Audio Masterclass Downloads

Worth: $149


Bonus 3

Need a helping hand to make sure you're on the right track? If you submit the work from this Kickstarter via email within one week from purchase, Rebecca will personally review your work and reply with suggestions. 

Includes: One email review

Worth: $397

Holiday Flash Sale Price: $99 (93% off)

Creative Business Kickstarter

What's included?

5+ hours of genius

With over 5 hours of Masterclasses and Workshops, get the kickstart you need.

4 x Downloadable Guides

Get stuck in and use your hands with these downloadable guides.

Rebecca's eyes on you

Email through any work you complete within 1 week, and receive an email with feedback from Rebecca personally. 


This flashsale is only open for 48 hours. Have you been procrastinating or avoiding this part of your business? 

Holiday Flash Sale
on now

Only available until Christmas Eve

What do people say?

About Your Creative Guide

Rebecca Hulse

Rebecca Hulse is an author, speaker and creative rebel at heart. She is a business coach on a mission to help creatives be successful without being exceedingly serious, guiding entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life and to apply the tools that actually fit their purposes. 

As someone who revels in shaking up the realities and limiting paradigms of her clients, Rebecca thrives in situations where the impossible transitions to possible. As a former performing artist, and today’s contemporary voice for millennials, Rebecca completed her first “bucket list” by age 20. 

She is the personification of her motto, “impossible is temporary,” which is evident in her latest book, Rebellious Rituals. In Rebellious Rituals, Rebecca guides readers to change their daily-life experiences with indulgent self-care, frank acknowledgments, and explosive creativity.


Have questions? That's not a bad thing.

How will this flashsale work?

Once purchase is complete, you will be prompted to download a zip file with all of the Kickstarter Content. You will also receive a few email prompts to make sure you receive the most out of the flash-sale offer.

Is this a live masterclass?

No, all of the content has been pre-recorded and uploaded for you to download and use instantly. 

I'm not established in my business yet, will this Kickstarter help me?

Yes! I'm a huge fan of starting before you're ready. Use the tools in these masterclasses to help you get started.

What if I don't need everything in the Kickstarter?

These offers are not available separately at this time. It's up to you, will these offers contribute to you now or in the future? If so, grab them at this steal of a price. They won't be offered again like this. 

Is this Kickstarter legit?

This course is about self-awareness. No exercises or action steps given in this offer will create revenue without applying a strategy, taking consistent action and using your own knowing. While I will share the tools both given to me by my high-earning mentors and my own behind-the-scenes of my own business, you have to follow your own path. No-one can truly predict the future of your business but you. Please see the earnings disclaimer for more legal information. 

Get the Creative Business Kickstarter now

Only available until Christmas Eve. What will your future be like in a year?

© Copyright Rebecca Hulse 2021

Creative Business Kickstarter

Holiday Flash Sale

5 Masterclasses and Workshops
1 Personal Review by Rebecca
3 Downloadable Guides
1 Checklist

Worth: $1418 USD
Flash-Sale Price: $99 USD


Creative Business Kickstarter

Holiday Flash Sale

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