Post Covert Operation Audit

Get out of the Screw Around Stage and make money from your dream offer.

Too many rebels get stuck here...

You've made it to the end of the Covert Operation, so what's next? Are you getting stuck in a perfectionist rut, too afraid of hitting the publish button or working with real people?

Introducing the Post Covert Operation Audit.

You've done so much work, let's not stop here.  Let's hit the "Launch Mission" button together! 

During the Post Covert Operation Audit, we will review your entire Rebel Business, and by the end of our Private Intensive, you be 100% confident and "Sale-Ready".

The Rebel Audit Includes...

2-Hour Done-With-You Private Intensive with Rebecca - worth $700
Personalised Video Audit with Mini-Missions
- worth $250
Comprehensive Mission Report - worth $50

Total Value:


Actual Cost: $700

Not afraid to kick my ass

"Right now, no-one is doing what you’re doing in business. You're fun, you know your stuff, entertaining, good at accountability. You're not afraid to kick my ass... at all."

Tara Taglienti

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Order Summary

Terms and Conditions:

By purchasing this offer, you agree to the following terms:

- Post Covert Operation Audit only available for the month of July. 
- Your Mission Report is due within the 1 week of purchase. 
- Your 2-Hour Intensive must be booked within 1 month of purchase.
- 24 hours notice is required for rebooking sessions, otherwise you forfeit the session.
- Expect a 1 week Turnaround Time from submitting your mission report to receiving your Personalised Video Audit.
- No refund is applicable for this offer.

See the full terms and conditions for Coaching with Rebecca here.