Who likes receiving money? I thought so, me too!

Cashback is a way you can receive money back when you shop.

This company is a worldwide service currently operating in 47 countries and more opening all the time. The concept is simple, shop through the app and receive money back in your bank account and something extra called "shopping points". Think airlines miles that you can then use to purchase more flights. You can use shopping points to complete your purchases through the app.

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My point of view is why would you not receive more money? Want to try it?


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FYI I receive a bonus if you sign up with my link ;)

About cashback

Cashback World is one of a few different companies in the "myWorld" company umbrella. It's focus is giving money back when you make purchases through the app online or scan your physical or 'e-card' in stores. It's currently available in 47 countries and expanding more all the time.

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