(Sneaky behind the scenes note: This is a sneak peek of my next book!)

Overcomplicating your work is so seductive.
You get all these bright shiny ideas and then… and then… and then…
And you completely lose sight of your idea and the next steps it would take to bring it to life.

The glamor and complication has taken over.
And the simplicity of doing the work and offering the thing to the world is gone.
Smothered under the veneer that it wasn’t enough as it was.

(And secretly you’re a little happier you dressed up your plain Jane idea.)
But is that actually real?

What’s ironic is that we overcompensate the most where we actually have true gifts and skills. But we don’t see those (which is convenient).

Here’s the thing, you cannot see what you naturally be.
You just live it.

And therefore think you’re never doing enough, or working hard enough.
It just came too easily.

So what’s a creative genius with ideas to create, worlds to change and revenue to make to do?

I’m a firm believer that you don’t need to be consistent to get results, but your revenue does. When you’re a creative, you need a business strategy that moulds around your natural expression and creative flows, not one that suffocates it. 

The multitudes of productivity hacks, accountability groups, focus apps don’t seem to work either. Did you ever consider that it wasn’t you, it’s just the tool wasn’t right? 

Your aversion to following the rules, getting bogged down in day-to-day admin like paperwork and inability to stick to a routine are all tell-tale signs of a bigger magic at play. We don’t fit in. We’re not supposed to, and that tells me… we should definitely stop trying.

So the next time you try a bright shiny new tool, ask yourself:
  • Will this tool work for me?
  • Or do I need to create my own?
And be confident enough to own your plain Jane idea and it’s simplicity. Sometimes it’s the small ideas that sneak up on you and turn into great ones.

So let you be you.
And your ideas be ideas.

And be willing to follow the path of creativity, and see where you go together.

It’s my view that the people who don’t fit in like you and me, are the ones the world needs to succeed. Not at a job, or at complying, or being able to fill out paperwork correctly, but at thriving in creative living and making money with those weird-ass gifts. That is why I have created the Kickass Creative Membership, check out here: https://rebeccahulse.com/funnel/kickass