There’s nothing that makes me feel more proud, supported or motivated than my great team.

These are the people you spend so much time with, make choices with and more importantly create a future you can enjoy together.

But your team is bigger than you think, even if you don’t employ someone full time (which I don’t at this stage by the way) you have more people in your corner. You just haven’t recognised them yet.

Let’s give them the recognition and acknowledgement that will grow your connection and allow you to create more together. (And give you some hiring ideas for making your life and business greater along the way)

I have a few “sections” to my staff, Household, Overall Organization (work for multiple businesses) and my specific business staff (this business) and me. But I have a lot on my plate. See which of these might be fun for you to hire!

Household Staff:
These are the people that keep our home running with or without me. They are all incredibly self-starting, accountable and deeply caring. These are the elements I look for when choosing people to maintain our home.

This lady is a walking miracle, she will help me both start and finish any household projects I desire as well as give things a good clean. We have attacked hoarder cupboards, reorganised linen, deep cleaned the fridge and so much more together.

Another wonderful inheritance from my mum, this lady has been with my family for years and I treasure how well she keeps our home.

Attacks our garden in a circular motion every fortnight. We discuss what’s required on messenger and she goes from there.

Dog walker
We found a couple that adores our dog, and their dog plays well with ours. They go nuts for hours at the dog park and if needed, give him a good wash.

Farm manager
Family friends who live next-door to our farm and keep an eye on the property.

Overall Hulse Organization Staff:
Our family has many different businesses and interests, so it requires some robust systems to keep everything working well.

Administration Personal Assistant
When looking for someone to help administrate all the businesses, I was looking for someone who knew what I didn’t. Our strengths compliment each other and her familiarity with business admin has made her an incredible asset.

Professional Trustees
Trustees are a long-term employee so you need to make sure they are people you can work with for a long time.

You need to best, most efficient and go-getting lawyer possible in your staff! Look for recommendations from other industry professionals and get a quote beforehand.

I’ve spoken about this before. You need a flexible creative accountant (this is rare) who can lift your business of the page and see what can be done to maximise your business.

Portfolio manager
Make sure the person you hire for this position has a good relationship with money. Stay in touch, you will be surprised what keeping in touch more regularly with your portfolio manager will create for your net worth.

My Business:
This is the business most of you are familiar with, my business coaching for creatives. This business I have now been running on a very lightweight model for almost 10 years. I have hired more people as my responsibility has grown and this is where I’m at today.

Virtual Assistant
Through Zimpasha, a Virtual Assistant Management Team, I have an incredible VA who is super fast and has a great eye to detail. She also knows so many different systems which is useful for me!

Business Coach
I’ve not always invested in my own improvement, but as my business has flourished of late, I’ve taken more care into what I desire to create and that includes my own growth and support.

Instagram Creator
I’ve outsourced my Instagram for years. I love this platform but not the effort it takes to produce quality content and engagement.

New: Experience Producer
This is a brand-new role I’ve recently created to start curating the experience all my clients and people I come into contact with have an incredible experience with my company. I’m excited to see where this goes.

New: In-House Artist
My lover is an incredible artist (and I’m more the ideas person) so we have teamed up to add more beauty into my business and work. Note: I’ve been in business 10 years before I dedicated a role in my business to “pretty”!!

Public Relations
For big projects like Book Launches I will outsource my PR to McKell Media who are amazing at promoting the wild and weird to the mainstream.

Systems that replace a staff member:
I also have the following systems or subscriptions that replace my time going out getting these things, you don’t have to hire people, you can also hire systems to do things for you!
  • Milk & Egg Delivery
  • Organic Vegetable Delivery
  • Nespresso Coffee Delivery
Network connections:
I also have a list called “Who can I call?” This is a list of incredible people I know and have on hand that I know I could ask anything. Here are some examples:
  • International business
  • Online marketing
  • Property
  • HR and dealing with people
  • A good bitch session
  • Farm advice
  • Creative input
  • My clients – past and present
Just for me:
Consider yourself and what it takes to take care of you! You are an incredibly valuable asset. So what do you require?

Self-care is so important! I also have a regular massage with a great healer I know locally.

Find What Feels Good App
Yoga with Adrienne is something my body absolutely loves. I pick different videos based on my energy and what my body desires.

Regular adventures/Trips/Experiences
Going away to new places, holidays with my love, regular celebrations and incredible experiences are one of the ways I thrive! So I make sure to include these in my reality often.

Your team is far bigger than you think, once you start to include each area of your life, your connections and your employed members of staff. This “bigness” is something to celebrate, not be terrified of. And most people will not need as big a team as I currently need.

Use this list as an example of possibilities available and feel free to ask me about a specific role for more details. What would contribute to creating more energy and space in your life for your priorities? Want to see more details? Download the guide here.

Choose from that energy and see who desires to contribute to you.
(And send a thank you to someone who is already on your team, paid or not!)