After just having a brilliant conversation with my fellow Rebels, it’s another invitation to walk my talk – today, on the topic of social media.

I recently made a mistake in business that cost me the ability to delude myself, my energy levels, and even some of my trust in myself.

And it’s time I nurture that back into the strength I had prior to this choice. It’s also about time I take some damn time for myself, especially as the world gets more loud, consumerism is about to run riot, and my favourite time of year to sip wine and enjoy life is about to embark.

And for one of the first times in many years, I have the freedom, privilege and clear schedule to choose this.

So… I am about to bound off, to severely limit my screen time, my social media presence and to enjoy my life, grieve what I have lost and regenerate myself in new ways.

So here’s how you can enjoy your limited access to me over the next while:

  • Reruns – Old classic tv series get reruns, so can my content. I’ll be sharing some oldies but goodies from the vault here on my normal platforms. Sit back and enjoy the show…
  • The Writer’s BFF Club – Ever wondered the messy creative experience that goes into publishing a book? I’ll be pouring my output into my next book, Idea Wrangler and you’re invited to take a front row seat in a private Writer’s Lounge where you’ll see my original drafts as they get written. (Subscription Only)
This is Rebellious Living:

Choosing for you.
Honoring you.
Being aware of the privilege it is to be in someone’s life (and visa versa)
And truly living.

So ciao for now here.
And see you on the other side…

Interested in seeing behind the scenes of writing a book? Join me in the Writer’s BFF Club (the only place there will be new Rebecca contributions for a while). $23 a month to contribute to your favourite author and get a front row seat to the creation of Idea Wrangler… ; )