Whenever something truly works at an energetic level it’s difficult to explain, to paint a picture let alone verbally tell them the right energy that will allow them to have it.

Gary Douglas, the Founder of Access Consciousness® says “[Access] is not something you “do” it’s a way of life, a way of choosing to be.” 

The tools of Access Consciousness have a way of being adaptable to any situation, problem, or change you would like to make. They slip naturally into a part of your life, thoughts, questions and actions.

Someone recently asked me to give a few points about the Foundation class that they could use to promote a class I am having, they wanted reasons, results, and things they thought other people would want.

However what people think they want, what they truly desire and what they will let themselves have are all completely different things!

So what do you do with people who don’t know what they want, won’t let themselves have what they truly would like and know somewhere there’s a twinkle of possibility that they might actually choose?

First what if you addressed the Elephant in the room? That this isn’t something up “for sale” and what is truly possible is barely explainable let alone a logical choice.

You could speak only of the maybe’s and possibilities rather than provide exact answers and results you have seen.

It’s also helpful to be willing to say the answer people need but not be it. This one sounds confusing I know,  sometimes do you need to speak to what people can hear, so say that answer of “Well I found the tools that allowed me to make X money” but don’t buy it as a real result yourself. The lightness behind the lack of conclusion is more apparent and creates the energy of possibility too.

Acknowledge it’s a choice and that you know if you would like to come. Most people that hear about Access already have a twinkling of if this would contribute to them, acknowledging it allows it to become greater.

Speak of your own creations and what you have made possibly for yourself with the Access tools. Your story is the most powerful as is the way you’re living your life now.

What have you found that works to invite to Access rather than sell?

I would love to hear what else you can contribute on this topic too!