There are so many different tips and “how-to’s” from experienced freelancers on how you should work from home right now. I promise even though I am in that ‘expert remote freelancer category’ (going on 8 years now!), this is not that article. Working remotely can be a gift, but you need to create it in a way that works for you. Not copy someone else, no matter how expert they seem.

(This is the paragraph where I convince you on the great opportunities and fun you can have from working from home. End of paragraph ; )

As you go through the next stage of the article, write down your answers in a note or journal and start to explore more about you function. Spoiler alert: If you know what makes you tick, you can work smarter, not harder.

  1. Pick your Creation Space

You already know if you’re a morning person or night owl or maybe plain old day time – that’s ok too. Start to look at what sets you up for a creative day. Is it making sure that you have moved your body, or perhaps you need those two cups of coffee first?

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Morning, daytime or night?
  • Solitude or Social?
  • Get stuck in or preparation is key
  • Plan it out or wing it
  • Favorite creative location?
  • Favorite Fuel (yes, cocktails and wine are fuel as proven on my instagram!)

Your awareness based on these questions maps out your preferences, and you can build your creative space from where you can work (and enjoy it) from here.


  1. Get up and be fresh

There’s a lot of great memes going around for uber comfy and fluffy apocalypse outfits. Please shower, no really it helps! It can be easy when there’s no one there to see you to decide it doesn’t matter but when you are put together, you create in a more put together way. It doesn’t mean you need to wear uncomfortable clothing or waste time doing a full face of make up that doesn’t make you happy. Look after your body in a way that makes you happy to create.

I know for me, if I put on light make up and some gorgeous jewelry I will be more likely to create content, and be visible that if I don’t. Work with yourself here – don’t give yourself the excuse to hide!


  1. Know where you are headed

This is not about having set in stone goals and targets, and if those work for you – don’t chuck them away! This is more about long term vision.

Where do you desire to be heading…

  • In 1 week?
  • At the end of your lockdown period?
  • In 6 months from now?
  • In 1 year from now?
  • In 5 years from now?

You don’t need exact vision, but a sense of the generative energy you know is possible. Then when choosing what to do today ask yourself: “Who or what requires my attention today?” and make choices based on that.


  1. Do something else

You have more space now that before most likely, and it can be all to easy to go one of two ways. Throw yourself into work everyday or to binge watch series after series. Neither is wrong, but it’s ok to enjoy the space.

Enjoy doing nothing, take a break for your eyes from your screen, and do something you love just for the fun of it! I have personally committed to doing something with my hands every day. Sometimes it’s simple like cooking or making a cocktail; and other times things like making a dress or tidying out something messy.


Working remotely doesn’t have to be hard, but it can be easy especially when you choose targeted creations. Elegance is the greatest effect with the least amount of effort. What if you aimed towards that in your work life? Maybe it might be (god forbid) a little bit fun.

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