As a Creative, you want to spend all your time and energy on your projects hoping to turn them into a wildly successful business. However, a balance between having financial support and having the space for your ideas to flourish is required. In the beginning it is viable to work for someone else, it provides you an opportunity to learn, earn and create all at the same time. As your projects start to demand more of you, taking the step towards working for yourself becomes easier because you only have to adjust as needed.

The leap between working for yourself and working for someone else is a difficult journey, but it’s one worth taking – at the right time…

It’s time to work smart, not hard. Let me show you how!

Working for someone else

Working with other people is actually an important part about getting into a new industry or working in an area that might be new to you.

At the beginning it seems better and can be better to work for someone else because …

  • The money is better
  • You don’t need to be as established
  • You don’t have to have everything figured out
  • Someone is going to contribute to drive you forward
  • You are going to have to hone in on your skills
  • You get educated

Energetically it’s going to be easier because the money is going to be better. As Creatives, money is not that important to us most of the time, but when you do have that income coming in then your creativity gets to fly because there is not so much riding on it. This gives you the full flexibility to be able to create and play and do what you know.

When your creations start demanding more of you …

Then there comes a time when you become more established and your creations demand and need more of your energy. Working for  someone else doesn’t have the same pull anymore and it seems more important to dedicate your time to your own projects.

When you get to this stage what you need to have a look at is …

  • How much money do I need to be making per year so that my life is easy?
  • What do my projects really need?
  • What are my projects asking of me?
  • How can I deliver that to them?

What you’re looking for in this period of time is this balance between creating income for yourself so you don’t have to stress and giving your creations the time of day so that they can truly be nurtured.

Working for yourself

When you start getting so cranky working for other people, then it’s time to cut your losses. Even if it means that your income is going to drop temporarily or that you are no longer going to be comfortable.

Baby, it’s time, you got to go for this!

So when you feel annoyed and that everything is being taken away from your ideas, when you start getting potent and more confident and are gaining traction in what you have to do – that’s when you actually need to go all in. That’s when you need to commit to your own projects, and when you commit in that kind of energy then your creations and your business is going to take off.

Whether you are working for someone else, desiring to work for yourself or you have taken that leap to focus solely on your projects – know that it is ok to be at whichever stage you are at. To reduce stress and create the ease you know is possible you have to look at what is going to create the income you require and what is going to allow your projects to thrive.

Remember, it’s all about working smart, not hard ;)

So get to work!

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