Why the thought “Let’s try this” has resulted in an enormous amount of first-world headaches for me.

Here’s another story from the Legacy Vault about my mum’s investment explorations.

I’d like to introduce Margie Hulse, my incredible mum and P.I.
No, not private investigator, professional investor.
(Although I do really wish she would have written P.I on airport forms, don’t you?)

My mum was an astute investor, she worked investing millions of dollars for superannuation funds in Australia, and has grown her own substantial investment portfolio.

As a family, we have many different ways to protect our assets, and most are carefully planned and placed.

However, not every financial experiment is successful and it’s not worth the extra money, time and attention to properly secure something in the beginning you’re not confident is going to work out.

So whenever my mum thought “Let’s try this and see what happens.” She’d invest it in her own name.

This was all fine.
It wasn’t ever an issue while she was alive.

But once she was no longer around, I began one massive international mega-hunt for all her assets. I came across wall after wall of bureaucracy in places that if these assets were organised differently, would take very little effort.

I don’t blame her.
Hell, I’m proud of her.

I’m just not a fan of the many many times I’ve been placed on hold, or had to shout into an automated phone line ‘DECEASED ESTATE’. I’ll get over it though!

I didn’t just want to vent about my fun phone conversations though. I wanted to show you a shining of example of being willing to try something out financially.
And have it go well.

I think for most of us, the stories of losing it all paralyse us.
We’re afraid of making mistakes, or wading into unfamiliar territory that we don’t even stretch out a limb in the direction we wished we could go in.

Through her estate, I’ve discovered some miracles that have made me brave enough to try creating my own future executor’s headaches.

The most small penny stock, turned into 2% return per annum dividends.
Reoccurring revenue from a share that’s not even on the market anymore.
Getting reunited someone from my kindergarten (I’m not kidding, she’s now an investment liaison)
A wide and varied world that I had never personally explored before.

So what if… it goes well?

What would you educate yourself about?
What investment options would you explore?

There’s a way to invest in anything right now, the previously barred door to the upper echelons of investment like gold, fine art, the stock-market, start-ups etc is all open to you.

You just have to pick an amount you’re willing to try with, and an area you’re interested in researching and just… start.

I’m exploring micro-shares in fine art like Picassos and equity in a slow fashion start-up company. It’s just the beginning, and I’m excited to see the head-ache I create.

Just keep asking: What if it goes well?

If you’d like to explore terrifying topics like this together, I’ll be opening the Wealth Legacy for new Legacy Builders shortly. Send me a message to get on the waitlist.