I know this post seems a little out of place compared to anything I’ve done before, it’s going to be a little weird but also super super cool.

I was basically born into business…

– both my parents and grandparents are serial entrepreneurs and investors – property, landlords, term deposits, trusts, debt that works for you and business were household words and normality for me.

When I decided dancing was my calling, I remember being sat down by my parents and doing the research on how much a ballet dancer makes, what the possibilities were and how little money I would have.

It was obvious to all of us that I would need a business as well.

I would need another place to be smarter, create more and one revenue stream seemed idiotic to us all.

So I knew business would be in my life somehow in the not-too-distant-future and smack bang in the middle of my commercial dance training my life went “It’s business time!”

Well okay…, a tiny bit less cheesy than that.

So at 2am one morning a program knocked on my awareness and I signed up – it was Marie Forleo’s B-School – online business and marketing training.

I threw myself into the deep end of this now 12 million dollar training program business and the awarenesses of all my background popped out of the woodwork – I remembered the inspiration, talent, smarts, business brains and ability I have.

Which then invited Access Consciousness® into my life in the form of “No More Business As Usual” and I ran with it from there. Dreams started appearing and life goals actualized in 10 years before schedule in my point of view.

I was at this place of “Everything I ever wanted has been actualized so f***…. now what?”

What a gift to be here already – so I ran with it.

Two years later I’ve built of my own Access Consciousness® Business to be a Global Certified Access Consciousness® Facilitator with an international business. In fact MOST of my reach is outside my home country of New Zealand.

Also behind the scenes I’ve created and contributed to building some phenomenal facilitators reach – holding a global Joy of technology Google Hangout Summit, The Beyond Abuse Revolution with Dr Lisa Cooney, Katherine McIntosh’s entire global operations, some tidbits of Joy of Business, creating the systems for El Lugar, running the back end of a global year-long mastermind with Cory Michelle & Katherine McIntosh and becoming a bestselling author with the help of Erica Glessing.

Business is my haven, my creative outlet, my place where “What else is possible?” is my go-to.

There’s such a space and ease with business, investing, money and creation I am so grateful for that I wonder at it and how it happened so much.

It makes me wonder – if business is such a catalyst for conscious creation and is such a big part of our lives wether we run a business, buy from a business, work for a business or make money from one

– how much can we change the world from the inside out?

When I finally acknowledged (with the help of Gary Douglas) the capacity, joy and brilliance I have with business and benevolent capitalism I realized changing Entrepreneur’s realities by allowing you to see your crazy business ideas happen is something I adore so so much.

Truly if you chose you in business and cut out all the bullshit – the tech phobias, the confusion, the lack of clarity, the unwillingness to invite people and promote yourself – what would our world be like?

What would your reality be like?

You’re invited to the reality shift of a lifetime: www.rebeccahulse.com/superstar