Someone said to me recently, that there seemed to be something missing or something I was searching for constantly. And the thing is, this is essentially true.

There is this gap / hole / ache /burning desire / search / quest / void or whatever you desire to call it in my world and it’s quite honestly there constantly.

This void is however exactly what gets me up in the morning.

It’s the gap between what I know is possible, the future I see and know can be a reality and the current pretty devastating version of reality we live in now.

Now how is this not depressing beyond belief and make you want to crawl in the covers again?

(by the way how is that so comforting? You can die in your bed too! Ok small break into Rebecca’s Brain)

What makes this not incapacitating is the knowing I have that I can truly contribute to creating this possibility. One of my brilliant friends Dr Dain Heer and co-founder of Access Consciousness® says “Being you, changes the world. There is some possibility only you know can exist that if you don’t choose to contribute to it’s fruition, it simply will not exist.”

This rings true for me, and the possibilities I see can exist are not ones I’m willing to let slip by just because i’m not really sure what it takes for those to be a reality. What I do know is that I’m not willing to live in a world where those possibilities do not exist.

So this brings us back to my friends comment about this constant search and right now, lack in my world. What I realised that I had not yet acknowledged was really profound and gave me a strength and surety in me.

Every morning I wake up and the world…

  • Does not match the possibilities I know can exist
  • This reality is functioning from judgment, conclusion and a desire to tear people down
  • There isn’t a sense of possibility and creation permeating the planet

Then yes! I will get to work and create to bring that gap from this current world to the one I know is possible.

This acknowledgement for me has made this gap in my world more of an awareness I can work with and keep going beyond rather than devastating and beyond what I can handle.

I actually know I can create this, I know I can contribute this and I know this is something I can make possible. And what it makes me wonder.. if this is what I can do me alone.. what is it that you can create that you haven’t even considered yet?

What is your gap? What are your possibilities that only you see?

I dare you to look at what you are willing to wake up for in the morning and create.

I bet it’s something quite incredible..