While casting a very speculative gaze over my businesses recently, I was looking for the “need”, the “why” and the security that would allow these different businesses to be safe in an ever-changing world.

The reality is: You don’t need anything I have to offer (and I have a lot to offer)

My main target is to see people thrive, but I can’t contribute to everyone, 100% of the time, so I carve my contribution into what I create best.

And if you’re: Burnt out, stressed, under any kind of duress, harm or danger. What I offer is not for you now, it’s for later.

A creative currently facing an income loss is not thriving.
A single parent wanting to start their first business while not having any kind of support is not thriving.
A human being battling grief or any kind of trauma is not thriving.

If you are experiencing any of these situations right now, you don’t need something bright and shiny (contrary to the dopamine hit). You need support, space and to use the tools you’ve got.

And then you can start to venture into the new again.
All the things that are truly for you, will still be there.

And please, if you’re stressing about something I’ve offered, don’t worry. I will still be here. And I have made a commitment that will make my work last even longer than my lifespan so please no stress.

The personal development industry is rife with harm of all kinds, an issue I am wrangling and wondering about more than ever. And more often than not, manipulates those unhealed triggers for commercial benefit over contribution.

Which makes me want to pull way back.
I don’t have an answer for how to change this industry, within any industry there are always those that take advantage, that’s not new.

But how can I help the wonderful people that come to me, that trust me?
Luckily, the solution doesn’t depend on me, it depends on you.

Your knowing is the only asset that can truly tell you if something will contribute to you. Wether it’s a screaming “yes” or a quiet whisper, it’s always there regardless of the attention you pay to it.

And the brilliant gift is, the more you tune in, the more (sometimes annoyingly) you can’t turn it off.

So please, if you’re coming to me (or anyone else) for the answer, I don’t have it. None of us do, no matter how persuasive we might be.

You do know.
And I will do everything in my power to empower you to know.