I watched “The Help” again recently, and was struck again by the novelty that still to this day, we really don’t ask people “What’s it like to be you?” very often. You would think after surpassing the Information Age that we know this by heart now, especially in business.

But we don’t.

Apart from the rare few. 

So I took it upon myself as I explore a new Landmark in the Land of Ideas® to make sure I really knew inside and out what the adventurers, creatives, misfits and rebels really felt like in their financial world.

Turns out that main overarching feeling? Was chaos.

And I get it, I really do.

The overwhelming abundance of tools that simply are not made for these incredible folk is astounding in a bad way. 

Here are a few of my discoveries into this awful world of financial literacy:

  • Jamming information into tiny boxes on a spreadsheet is the absolute antithesis of what we’ve built our lives to be, but yet there’s no other option. 
  • We think best on paper, or by talking to someone but are handed one-time solutions and DIY apps. 
  • We aren’t consistent, and need repeat practices to be made new again in order to retain the dopamine hit that gets shit done. 
  • We’re smart, but feel like our “off the beaten track” experience is completely disregarded in the face of fancy degree people like accountants, lawyers and financial advisors. 

But we’re all just different people – or we should be.

What it seems this entire industry is forgetting, is the simple manners of meeting people where they are at, and continuing to be there for them.

And that, is what I’m best at.

I know for a fact, you can write your best ideas, and use spreadsheets to do the funky math shit for you.

I know you can confidently make leaps and bounds, when you know you have a safe space to explore all these new lands. 

  • I know your street smarts and experience absolutely can translate to your bank account, and that you have the capacity to do it. 
  • I know that you can trick yourself into the consistency you need, while continuing to feel like you’re conquering new ground every month. 
  • I know that creatives, misfits, rebels and adventurers can thrive in every way they dream of, including financially. 

It doesn’t have to be so goddamned hard.

If you get anything from this exploration, I invite you to acknowledge it’s not your fault if the tools you’ve been given, don’t work for you. You wouldn’t blame a hammer for not being the screwdriver you needed. As a client of mine would say, “Just put it down.” 

You just need to pick up the tools that are designed with you in mind. And those tools are found off the beaten path, just like you. 

Have you seen my latest idea for a nurturing space, perhaps even a membership, where you could wrangle the practical side of your finances consistently, and develop the skills needed to build true Generational Wealth? Check it out here, I can’t wait to see what you think.