For a lot of people, especially the “dreaded millennial” age category, the question “when am I going to grow up?” seems prevalent especially as I near 30. You have the usual comparisons of adult behavior show up like owning cars, property, financial stability but for me, what seems to be the best source of judgment is how well I handle myself and my life.

It dawned on me during a very normal task – laundry that I was getting better, and I started to explore this. What if growing up wasn’t a place you arrived or needed to be or a sign you were finally serious enough? What if “growing up” was more about knowing what your choices create and making them accordingly. If so, this is definitely more of the adult of consciousness I desire to be.

I have no preference for being more serious, settling down or making compromises in my life. Instead I look forward to what else can I add to my life and how can I make more choices that will lead me to that adventure. What I am getting at is that it is not your demeanor that makes you an adult, it’s seeing what you are creating in your life and choosing what works for you that does.

As someone who asked their mother to make a dentist appointment for me recently (in my defense if I need one on my own blog, I was traveling) I started to despair that I would ever “grow up” and be a confident independent woman that could handle anything, which in paradox is even more jarring especially if you know me and my work. I’m willing for anything to be thrown at me. I will handle it. But today is I was starting a second load of laundry the day after arriving home rather than waiting until later next week and delaying more days, I realized it was just a choice. And not just one choice to grow into a serious woman, but a series of choices in choosing things that create more for the future.

To me, a grown up is creating for now and the future. And that is something younger generations do not see yet, because time has not set in. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, I am all for enjoying life to the fullest. What I am asking for in myself and perhaps you do too if you are reading this for, is to choose more choices that create for both my present and my future.

The question I am asking is simple: What can I choose today that creates both now and in the future?

So what future and present will you create for yourself? No matter how old or young you are?