Unfortunately, no-one else is in charge of your life apart from you. You are the only one choosing how much you change, choose and also how much your become greater. Sure, you can have contributions to this like a friend that pushes you, or makes you see a different point of view – however if that external source goes away, so does your source of growth.

Yes, you may have heard this before but have you actually acknowledged that the source for your life as it was, as it is today and can be in the future is you. Just… simply… you. If that hits somewhere in your world today, then my friend we have truly made progress. “Someone open the champagne!” But if, this was something that was already floating somewhere in your awareness, then my next question is “So what’s next?”

Asking yourself “What’s next for you?” with no expectation or requirement of an answer will allow multiple different possibilities to become apparent in your world. To me as a very self-driven being, I adore this question as inspiration for my next choices and projects. I love a good project and creation time is definitely my favorite, however I do also have my “down periods” or places where I would choose to withdraw and distract myself rather than going full in.

So what’s next for you?

Keep asking this question and seeing what it is that you know.

You may find it’s more than one direction.