I’m sitting in my AirBnB in Tokyo with four days “off”, at the end of Day 1 and looking at how many illusions we have about what “doing business” means.

Today I woke up early, had a shower and got pretty for a zoom promotion video, then recorded a podcast, did a quickie meeting and hunkered down on my emails and skypes. Took a (forced internet free) break for a steal of a French Restaurant in Tokyo 3 blocks from this apartment because I forgot the wifi pocket device and came back to flick between being available for questions, catching up on meeting replays and watching youtube videos for brain candy. I also hunted around the apartment for a good “laptop tray” for my colleague coz he say my bedside table I turned into a tray that’s been working pretty sweet. He now has a dish-tray and that works well too!

My “office” today is a comfy bed, I’m still wearing make up and earrings and no bra, plus I’ve been drinking plum wine for about 3 hours now. My colleague and I have done some pretty good damage today on the bottle (plus we figured that one Japanese glass of plum wine is about 1/3 of a normal cocktail).

I’ve done nothing instagrammable, facebookable, or promotable today of any sort – but it’s still business and it’s still creating. In fact this writing this post is the first marketable thing I have produced today. “Picture or it didn’t happen” is becoming our world but what does that do to business?

I saw this video about the “Behind Instagram posts” and it made me wonder, is this really what we’re doing? Photographing and posting our lives so much we forget to make it happen? So where’s the fine line between showing off your amazing creative life (because I do have one of those! Hell, I just came from Hong Kong and Beijing) and getting down to business?

Here’s where I got to today in questioning all this:

  • If it’s candid, go for it! People are actually interested and it does create a connection.
  • Don’t lose awareness of what you desire to create.
  • Keep asking your business and your life what it requires of you today.
  • That notification Facebook sends you “You’ve posted X days in a row! Keep it up” is bullshit.
  • Business isn’t traveling hither-thither and posting your #businessdonewhere shot on the internet.
  • Catching up when you have fallen behind is worth it.
  • So is business on the top (make up, nice hair, shirt) and party on the bottom (underpants, sweatpants, socks).
  • What works for other people, won’t necessarily work for you.
  • Get to work, stop judging yourself (watch this video) and know that you got this.

I guess this didn’t really tell you what business is or isn’t! But hey, write what you need to write and create what you need to create to attain the greatest result with the least amount of effort.

What’s one weird way you did business today that’s not “social media-able”? Let’s share THAT today and see what conversation that creates tomorrow.