I have actually been meaning to invite you to this for MONTHS but it just never happened and as time went on I got less and less clear on what was actually going to be a contribution.
But today I think I have literally had my weirdest day ever so far – and I have had some weird ones! I’m in beautiful Roma after a marathon of intense Facilitator Training classes, meetings, tours, creations and lot’s of catch ups and drinking.

My body got to the 2nd to last day when I had my bars run and said “We get to relax now right?” and pretty much stopped functioning on my Go-Go-Go Program. And then my upcoming classes in London disappeared and now Simone is thinking of cancelling her European tour and the list goes on!

I started to think to myself “Fuck now what…???” and then realised that’s not really a question at all so I changed it to “What is it going to take to have total clarity and ease with all of this?” and “What could I do or be different that would change all of this?” which sounds like great questions, but honestly? I was having a moment of “Do these tools even work anymore?”

But it was better than my moping, slightly panicky crazy mode so I kept asking. 30 minutes later the first whisper was “Get outside!” so I thought “Okay, I could get a coffee and my nails done.”
I ended up at this little Italian cafe. I still wasn’t feeling any better but I kept thinking I just have to keep asking this question. So I enter this cafe and the cafe owner is singing! “Ok I’m thinking, this is getting a little better.”

And then he puts a price sticker on and tries to sell himself to me. It was the easiest thing in the world and I thought “That! Even in the middle of getting a job done, feeling weird or uncertainty, having the joy to pick up a moment of possibility and create some more joy is what this is all about. It wasn’t about creating the most profitable class, or having 100 people of the perfect business, it was about picking up moment after moment to have fun in your everyday life”

This is what the Joy of Business is about, the everyday moments of your life being filled with a true sense of joy and possibility. This is what Access Consciousness and the Joy of Business does to your life. It’s not about posting instagram pictures of the fun you are having or laughing hysterically until you cry everyday (although those don’t need to be excluded).

So…. you made it this far in the article! Congratulations ;)

#1 – Keep asking those damn questions even if it’s “not working” 

(have some patience and allowance). Here are some simple ones:

  • How does it get any better than this?
  • What would it take for this to change?
  • What would it take to have ease with this?

#2 – Is it time for some Joy of Business with me?
If you’re in London join me in Westminister and if not, join the seriously weird adventure from your own home on live-stream this weekend.
High Tea – Joy of Business free Q&A

7th April at 5pm – Live only
Put the Fun Back in Business

7th April at 7pm UK Time – Live & Stream
Access Business 101 – Business Done Different

8th April at 9:30am UK Time – Live & Stream
www.rebeccahulse.com/london for more info

Seriously, keep using the questions and tools! Which one would you use if you weren’t underestimating them today? See some of you in London!