There’s something I’ve been wondering about this morning:

Can you have vulnerability and be happy?

Being truly you without any barriers and being willing to receive everything without letting it stick you or get to you is an intense way of being – can you be happy as well or is it an either/or universe?

What do you know?

One of the things I’m glad I know is that I don’t have to figure it out or know how to make it happen, so when I’m asking “Can I have vulnerability and be happy?” right now what’s light is no.

What’s funny in writing in this even though I’m supposed to tell you about the magic and that anything is possible – in being this vulnerable and writing what’s actually true it’s a relief…

Oh wait – that is a kind of happiness.


So what if in being willing to find out what is actually true and being vulnerable with it creates a happiness that is quieter, sustainable, easier and more enjoyable to have?

Would that be worth having? The choice is available if you desire it.