This one’s from the Archives but I had so much fun writing it I had to share!

Valentines Day can be a shitty little bugger of a day, whether your attached (:P I’m #sorryimnotsorry for being so irreverent) or single its a day full of judgement – and you know how I see that. (If you don’t see me rip into judgement here)

I see so many awesome possibilities for what Valentines Day could be instead of the fluffy hearts, the bad sex, chocolate overeaters anonymous, forced dates, and judgement of how you be.

I’ve been on both sides of the fence (where is this fence that separates singles from couples?) I’ve had utterly romantic demonstrations of love and chivalry and also to be totally ignored by the male sex apart from flowers from my dad (thanks dad).

Here’s my viewpoint on Valentines Day now:

playThe crap: buying presents and spending time with people because you should, sex  that doesn’t contribute to your body, judging your body for not looking like that Victoria Secret model in the lingerie, judging you for being attached or unattached, all the projections, expectations and boxes your supposed to fit into.

The Cool Stuff: generosity of spirit can really come out, contributing presents, and appreciating all the people that contribute to your life, the decadence, orgasm and openness about love and sex, feelings and surprise gifts.

I’m single this year and have been playing with lots of yummy bodies and beings. I actually have no point of view whether I get flowers, or go out on a date on Valentines Day or not.

What I will be doing is taking advantage of the caring, the yummy energy available and the awesome pink cocktails and contributing more than ever to the people I care about.

If you want some help with Valentine’s Day craziness I recently posted this in the February Consciousness Party with a tool that could help:

By the way did I forget to mention YOU are one of the people I adore contributing to and genuinely care about?

69I have a present for Valentine’s Day for you! As you might have seen my friend Liam and I have a class coming up on sex (P.S great Valentines Day present) and we are writing a book to go with it. Now Liam and I are really great at NOT waiting so we want to invite you to orgy taste some of these shades of pleasure in a excerpt from our book!

Come over here to see what all the fuss is about in a video from Liam and I (this is where we talk about sex positions, bondage, fun for the whole family, carrots and more)

Really I’d love you to do Valentines Day your own way – question everything and create a grand and glorious adventure

rebecca hulsexx – Happy Valentines Day