I see your stress, struggle and pain.
I see your doubts that secretly no-one cares about your business or what you are creating in the world. That you worry that you’re not doing enough and will never catch up.
I also see the burning fuel of possibilities that is always there for you, that propels you forward, that has your back just when you think you should give up on ideas forever.
I see the people that back-stab you, that judge you, that ignore you and underestimate what you can do.
But guess what? None of that matters when you are truly generating the world you know can exist. Because unless you choose it, it’s not created. No-one is going to do it the way you can and that’s exactly how it should be.
You have an innate capacity to create something in the world that no-one else can. That is your gift, your possibilities are not like the others. 😉
Other people have their ideas, unique points of view and creations and that’s great for them. Cheer them on. Their success only means a place for you to out create each other. But don’t let that sway your course. It has nothing to do with you. (That’s not entirely true, but it has far less to do with you than you think).
What if you let yourself explore… what do I know? What do I wish my world was like? What is actually important to me?
Get real, get vulnerable.
Whatever you desire is ok. It’s actually more than ok. It’s greatness in the making.
So what can you choose today that will create the world you know should be possible that has never existed before?
You have the ability to bring it to the world.
Invite it in.
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