Tired is never just tired. There is a multitude of things going on we lump into this one assumption.
Maybe you’re growing into the future you’ve been asking for…
Maybe you’re highly attuned to a particular energy that is draining…
Maybe it’s some of the set up in your life that is not working but you’re fiercely trying to make work…
Maybe it’s your body telling you it just one thing, but a bajillion…

One of the questions I ask myself when I’m tired AF is:
What are the multiple energies I’m craving right now?
Because as an infinite being aware as fuck with a sensorial body to enjoy…
There’s a lot of things going on.
And any time we decide it’s more than we can handle, the tired energy comes in.
Does it mean you shouldn’t rest?
Nope that’s not what I mean.
It means while you rest and relax, you also deeply question the energies that are present in your world.
Here are some questions you can ask yourself:
  • What is going on around you that you have decided is yours?
  • What is it you have decided you cannot handle?
  • What in your life are you tired of?
  • What is the beautiful energy underneath that?
  • What choices do I have here?
These are the kind of questions we explore in Rebellious Rituals.
Deep effective questions for real life shit.
For tiredness, for pain, for screwing up, for cranky, for rest, for the universe having your back, for your body, for you…
Have you tried a Rebellious Ritual yet?
Here are a few ways you can explore on your own terms: