Here is your ultimate guide to successfully sell your ideas and create an engaged audience who love what you offer.

(Please don’t do this at home!)

  1. Talk about your business every day and how you’re always hustlin’.
  2. Only posts selfies or highly made up graphics.
  3. Join businessesey groups and spam promote post. (Bonus points for one where it’s clearly non-promotional)
  4. Put polls on your stories and them spam the people that interact with you.
  5. Go to networking events and constantly talk about yourself.
  6. Voice memo all your friends and tell them only about your new thing. (Never ask how they are, that’s for softies!)
  7. Post the exact same thing in every single Facebook group you’re in. (For uniformity)
  8. Stalk your ideal clients and physically show up at their house/workplace. (Because the highest interaction level is key)
  9. Blackmail your clients so they pay you the most amount of money possible.
  10. Print a bunch of flyers and literally chuck them out your window as you drive down the street.
  11. Email your list EVERY single day. (Repetitive marketing is best really)
  12. Pay $1000 of Facebook ads, just boost posts. No-one cares about strategy, just get it “out there”.
  13. Hire people to literally shout about your offer for you. Don’t worry if they’re rude, the message will come through.
  14. Pitch your offers everywhere, especially to people you think are not interested. It’s always more valuable to turn around a hater.
  15. Put loud music on your sales page so people are shocked and go through the sales page faster.
  16. Bonus points: Make it really hard to get out of the sales page, do lots of “are you sure?” pathways.
  17. Post lots of videos of just you talking at your followers, don’t ask them any questions, just tell them why you’re important.
  18. Don’t worry about being concise. Have half the conversation in your head and then tell people the other half.
  19. Get a fancy photo-shoot done of you in someone else’s hired house and exclusively post “I’m an important person” type content so people know you’re real.
  20. Repost the same post every day so more people see it.
  21. Go to networking events and run up on the stage to grab the mic, then hang onto the mic for as long as possible and explain your sales pitch.
  22. Make sure you have links on every single post you do because the algorithm means nothing to you.
  23. Book no-obligation meet calls and hard-ball pitch them from the get go.
  24. Friend request random people you don’t know and message them AS SOON AS THEY ACCEPT!
  25. Post content every 15 minutes so your friends snooze you – this will weed out non-serious buyers.
If this list made you gag, thank god! I’m glad you’re not crazy.

Selling as a creative involves different elements like genuine invitation, being a contribution and sparking curiosity about what you do so that they start asking you questions. Whenever you have no point of view about the outcome and you are willing to offer an invitation, then that is the most irresistible way for people to be interested in your idea.

Full disclosure: There is no set-in-stone pathway that will guarantee that your ideas will sell.

Start by doing the absolute opposite of all of the above and see how you go!

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