Something that seemed obvious in my world but apparently is not.

If you want to create something truly big, you need to have the space to do it.

Now most of us are cramming our plates full of busy. We have meetings, and appointments, and to do lists, and people we care for, and all these things.

Which pile up on a creatives space like an ugly junk pile right in the middle of your work station. Making it impossible if you have any neurodiversity, to concentrate until the junk pile is sorted.

Maybe now you’re not feeling so bad about that idea you had that you couldn’t get off the ground?

So what’s a creative to do?

First, a long term target of a lighter, more spacious life is definitely on the cards. And is unique to everyone. So without knowing your personal circumstances, I can’t recommend anything yet.

For me, it’s approaching household management in a team style, and decluttering literally everything. And making any maintenance (which I find to be the most weighted of all tasks) as minimal as possible.

Next up, energetic space.

Now that the physical is getting a kickstart, that brings us to a head. Specifically the one attached to your neck. How’s it doing up there? Nice and homey? A safe space for grand ideas to be explored?

Or is there trauma wounds, an overdose of stress, grief even, or daily wear and tear from your self image or unhealthy relationships around you. Now I am not an expert on every type of assistance needed in this area, but I do believe everyone needs someone purely in their corner.

Isn’t it time to let someone have your back? There are options that suit every level of finance. But please don’t cut out this support.

And finally, now with our new easy-to-manage daily lives and an energetic space that’s ready to do big and bold things, now you can match into the land of ideas with your head held up high and state:

I’m here to create, I’m here for magic, I’m here to do the work, I’m here for it all.

And see what kind of incredible ideas are attracted to you now…

I know it seems easy all written down on the page like this. It’s not. It’s dirty, messy, hard, fucking work. It takes huge amounts of strength and courage.

As Glennon Doyle says: We can do hard things.

I’m wondering if you would like to do this together. Go through the process of creating space, and then later on, we will revive an old idea that was creaking and dying under your floorboards.

If this is something you would like my contribution on, let me know and we will create the space for an incredible creative life, together.