Have you ever chosen something big for your business, but then had it wrangle the very depth of your inner limitations personally?

Where does that come from???

There’s a lot to be said for “doing the work” and I would even go as far to say “loving the work”.
(Yup, I did say that.)

But when your business is literally bringing up the energetic charges you smushed quite far down under the veneer of “you’ve got this.” It’s confronting. And deeply vulnerable.

And somewhere, we have this belief that because it’s to do with “work” we should be professional. Maybe even suppress some of what comes up, and god forbid you ever express some of that energy (unbidden tears after hitting a purchase button anyone?).

What we don’t acknowledge is that when you make a big choice, it affects the entirety of your world
(and sometimes The World, yes you are that powerful by the way).

What would occur if we gave ourselves the space, both to make these big courageous choices, but to also be with their affects? We know to ask the questions that will show us what’s true for us, but we’re not prepared to wrangle with the after affects of our choices.

Choice creates.
We know this.
But can we ever be prepared for this?

And maybe prepared isn’t the right word, but it would be great to at least have the space for that world rocking to ensue? How about that?

And we won’t ever predict all of the space we will need, or energies that show up (goddammit says all the control freaks),

But we can recognise when that shows up,
And breathe.

If you have had a moment like this recently, why not take a moment to drop your barriers and just let yourself be with the intensity that comes up.

Express that if you desire.
But enjoy it.
Don’t try to change it, process it, or get rid of it.

Let it, and you be.
You’ve got this.

And you may find, in the very act of surrendering,
The grace of receiving you’re looking for, finds you.