Quick PSA: Your fierce independence is sabotaging your business.

You’re correct, you don’t need anyone. It’s also true that you can do everything yourself and handle it all.  It may be easier to rely upon yourself than risk leaving your business in the hands of someone who might disappoint you, or who might take your creation and step all over it. But if you’re not willing to ask for help and engage with more people or services, then you are not willing to have your business grow bigger.

Yes, it can be terrifying to admit that you require some assistance. So here are 3 simple steps to make asking for help less scary.

Step 1. Force your barriers down

Take a moment to breathe and drop those barriers, you don’t need them here. Let yourself be vulnerable, it becomes an invitation for others to contribute to you and it allows you to receive from others.

Step 2. Get clear on where you need help

Make a list of everything you do in your business that is required to make your business thrive.

Now ask these questions:

  • Which of these tasks could be done by someone else?
  • Which of these tasks require my energy and attention?

Making yourself the point of creation for your business will only create a bottleneck effect. Delegating those tasks that take up the majority of your time to someone else will give you the freedom to spend more energy on the roles that only you can do.

Step 3. Let other people do the work

If you are a control freak, this part may be the scariest. It’s important to be willing to hire people who are greater than you and let other people do the work. What if your main role in your business was to be the speaker of the ideas and to connect them with the different people working in your business so that they can be actualized in the greatest way possible?

Let go of the control, and start asking for people who will contribute to your business and what you desire to create to show up and do the work. Never underestimate the contribution of incredible people in your business. The space it creates and the increased level of receiving (and relaxing… what??) will make it worth every single dollar.

Your business can only conform to the limits of your reality. And the harsh truth is that your business will continue to be limited by you unless you start receiving from more people and start asking for help.

What are you waiting for? Next year when you have bottlenecked your business even further? Start today, you can do it. I know it.

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