Overwhelm is easy. The to-do list that has slowly piled up to an uncontrollable level, the onslaught of “issues” that suddenly surfaced all at once or just the never ending cycle of content and creation required for a successful business.

When “all the things” up are up in your world nothing seems doable. Everything is urgent and it’s hard to decide what is your priority.

Then of course, we tense up because we think that if we contract we have more control. Contraction does not mean that you will be able to focus or be more productive. Most of the time this tension makes it harder by inhibiting our ability to create and stressing us out more.

What is actually required to make a change is for us to make space for ourselves, our projects and for more possibilities to show up. Creating space for yourself might be the most challenging part yet, but  we’re going to make it doable, I promise. ; )

Step 1: Take a step back

If “all of the things” are consuming your thoughts, it’s time to take a small break. Put the phone down, slam that computer lid shut, and walk away from your workspace. Check in with your body and ask what it requires to let some of this stress go, then go do it. Maybe it’s a walk, a snack, or even a little stretch to released the tension in your shoulders.

Here’s the secret: You will not feel like doing this, but you will see improvement afterwards.

Step 2: Reconnect with what’s important

When we get caught up in the “do do do” we forget why we are doing it in the first place. Pull out a notebook and pen and answer this question: “What am I here to create?”

Here are some other suggestions to help you reconnect with what is important:
  • Talk with someone you love, be there for them, really present.
  • Review some of your old work so you can say ‘Holy shit, that’s actually good”
  • Get messy and create something. Get those creative juices flowing again!
Step 3: Address the challenges(s)

In the face of all these challenges, ask a question! When you start asking questions and address what is actually going on here then you can have an awareness about what you can change to make this work for you.

Some of my favorite questions to ask come from Access Consciousness ©:
  • What is this?
  • What can I do with it?
  • Can I change it?
  • If so, how can I change it?
If you don’t actually know what is going on for you, you can’t create a change.

Step 4: Take one tiny action

Make it simple, don’t make it grand. Just take one small step that will improve the challenge and alleviate your stress.

Step 5: Take a breath and repeat

Breathe, repeat step 1 (the short break), and then take another tiny action > then breathe, repeat step 1, and take yet again another action.

And… I bet by now you’re in a flow again. ;)

Remember you can do this. As Glennon Doyle says “We can do hard things.” We just need to remember to do hard things for something we actually care about. Not just to prove we can.

Never get stuck in an overwhelming day again, tall order I know! Check out Rebellious Rituals for a real, vulnerable guide to taking care of you, and getting through the the hard things.