How many times have you started from scratch in your life?

In business? With money? What about relationships or cities? Or even every day?

Gary Douglas had a massive realization at a class in Denver I was at about how much he enjoyed and had been choosing starting from scratch – the pleasure of letting something go completely bust and using that as an invitation to start completely anew.

Can you relate?

The thing is – if you’re constantly starting from scratch – how much of your time and energy going into destroying what you’re creating so you can start over?

As an infinite being you have a capacity to destroy and create – what are you choosing?

Gary realized that his love of starting from scratch wasn’t creating what he thought – it was creating more scratch! Oops!

So what else is possible here?

If you didn’t have to start from scratch where could you start from? Where you are? The possibility you’re aware of? Or even the energy of a new day. The earth doesn’t destroy itself every night in order to have a new day – it just keeps going with no reference or significance to the past.

It just builds on what’s already there.

So I wonder what could you create? What could you build and what possibility would be available if you started fresh – full of new possibility everyday – rather than from scratch?

What would your life be like in five years if you chose that?

What would your life be like in five years if you didn’t choose that?

Isn’t it wonderful to have choice?

Now from where you are with fresh possibility – what would you like to choose?

I’d love to hear it in the comments below.




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